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June 21, 2008

Seeing the wonder in the smallest details

What do you appreciate and what do you ignore? *

*Is a sunrise any less special because its image wouldn't make it on a
magazine cover? *
*Is any day less precious because, in your mind, "nothing special" happened?
For some reason, it's hard to be impressed with anything these days.
Driving a car is a source of strain instead of wonder. *
*The internet is already old news. *
*Quick--when was the last time you paid attention to a space shuttle flight?

*Remember when that was all people could talk about? *

*Once you take something for granted, you also take the life out of it. *
*When nothing is "special," boredom and gloom aren't far behind.
Look around where you're sitting right now, and try to see it for the
first time, like a child would. Think about the human potential that
created the stuff in the room. Think about the miracles of nature
right outside your window. Think about how amazing it is that you're
even here to see it.*

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