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March 06, 2016

How to create a donut chart on tableau

In our example we are going to use the sample data – Superstore available in tableau.

Step 1: Create a calculated field and Name it as ‘Donut’.

Step 2: Drag the Donut calculated field we created into the Rows shelf twice.

Step 3: Right click on the second instance of the field ‘Sum(Donut) shelf’ and make it a ‘Dual axis’

Step 4: Uncheck the ‘Show header’ option in the same menu once you right click on the ‘Sum(Donut) shelf’ field.

Step 5: Drag the ‘Sales’ measure into the first instance of Sum(Donut) shelf as below twice. Mark Sum(Sales) as label and color respectively and change the chart type to ‘Pie’

Step 6: Drag the ‘Sales’ Measure again into the Sum(Donut) (2) shelf as below and make it a label. Here as well change the chart type to ‘Pie’ as below.

Step 7: Now go back to Sum(Donut) shelf and adjust the size of the pie as below. Along with the color palette you would like to use.

Step 8: Similarly adjust the size of the Sum(Donut) (2) shelf as well. This would act as the mid-portion of the donut hence color it white with the overall number displayed at the mid of the Donut.

Step 9: Drag the corners of the chart to adjust the view of the chart as below.

Step 10: Drag the ‘Category’ field into the ‘Sum(Donut) shelf’ shelf and see the magic.(You can choose any field based on the type view you would like to see). Change the ‘Category’ field to color so that you can see the category names on the Donut chart. Drag another instance of ‘Category’ to ‘Sum(Donut) shelf’ and make it color as below.

Step 11: Now this is an overall donut chart for sales category by sales. If you would like to see a further split. Drag and drop the field by which you want to split the donut into multiple donuts. In this example we have put the ‘Region’ column into Column shelf and the results look as below.

Hopefully you have enjoyed creating Donut chart in tableau and implemented within you reporting environment.


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