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March 05, 2016

Why should we sleep

Sleep can cure diseases

In the Modern age sleep is something which is compromised the most by the working population. Proper sleep can bring unknown benefits to one's life and health surprisingly. Sound sleep can give the brain to recycle and eliminate bad or unwanted thoughts. Service itself and get ready for new beginning once you are back to conscious.

When it comes to health benefits it is not restricted to the brain itself but to the entire human body. The nervous system, heart and hence the blood get a chance to refresh and revitalise themselves. This process makes a person feel fresh when he wakes up from a sound sleep. Basically, when ur whole body is at rest it easier for each organ and hence the brain to focus on any repairs or servicing activity on that organ.

It is important to eat less and atleast three hours before you go to bed. The digestive system continues to work hard if you sleep rite after you had food, leaving you with less satisfied sleep.

Dreams - a part of everyone's sleep can inspire or motivate you. Dreams are mostly a package of incidents that you either thought or experienced prior day or in recent past before dream occurred. Some dreams may be the source for your next big success. Hence dreams induces confidence, motivation and hence to extent new ideas that can totally transform a person's life.


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