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March 04, 2016

Concept of god in hinduism

It's not a random subject when millions of people are following a specific religion or deity.
Our ancestors made sure that this entire concept of having an accountability towards a invisible supreme power would make sure all the generations after theirs would not deviate from the disciplinary practices they laid down. Hence the mankind would then flourish without any hindrances and serious hurdles like following:

I.      Hatred: people fighting for some loss they incurred due to the other person.
II.    Selfishness: always wanting more than achieved in wrong areas of life.
III.   Cunning: using the unlawful routes to achieve success.

I hope people would look these foundations laid my our ancestors in a more positive manner and follow them religiously. Rather than enforcing the learning and belief for one's enlightenment it should be a 'by choice' decision by any individual.

Happy and prosperous life to all!

Prashanth Nagar - Raghavendra Swami temple

May Sri Raghavendra swami bless all the mankind with prosperity in these difficult times.

Lastly we are part that human race we need the people to answer the questions that we don't have answers for.

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