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May 04, 2016

Time versus money

Time is a precious jewellery which most of us do not value. The important thing to note is time should be valued even if it is not yours.

Now when we add money into this discussion, it's often seen that money takes a higher priority.
Its a very interesting discussion.

Money is simply overestimated and given too much of attention to obtain anything in life.

However, Money cannot buy anything and everything. Your true happiness cannot be valued with money. Time on the other hand is plot on which a play called 'LIFE' is enacted and doesn't receive the deserved respect.

A moment cherished is a moment lived. You live life only when you smile. All the other moments are equivalent to dead time you spent or wasted. So when you make the other person happy or make him smile out of his heart you actually helped him to be alive for that moment.

May 03, 2016

Know about the Ultimate tool for eternal happiness

Before I start let me first give an overview of the primary cause of uncomfortable feelings we experience.

When I say uncomfortable feelings it includes - Anger, sadness, pain, grief, dullness, boring, jealous, wicked, revenge etc. Some of the positive and comfortable feelings would be - Smile, pleasant, laugh, taking care, responsible, learning and teaching, happy-mind etc

Now how to eliminate the negative and uncomfortable feelings once for all with a most comfortable and short method which yields best results for small investment of time. I would suggest the following methods which I myself follow to gain the ultimate tool called - 'SELFLESSNESS'.

Selflessness makes you feel lighter and eternal. It helps you realize the purpose of YOU in this world. Trust me by following any of the below methods you would feel much relieved and find yourself happier than before.

Method 1: 

Repeated chant of religious text: There is a reason for these texts to be preserved and trusted by elders. Thus passing them to us and urging us to chant them. These chants basically build a positive fort around you when you continuously chant them for at-least an hour everyday for 10-180 days.

Greater the number of days greater the results. In this method the positiveness surrounding you will influence the other person with whom you would communicate with regardless of the distance. His thoughts and opinion along with the actions of his/her towards you would be impacted in a positive way.

Now this will eliminate slowly but surely all the caused for your worries. Making you build a strong and trust-able personality among the people you get along on a daily basis. I chant - Sri Vishnu sahasranama for this method. This is a set of 1000 names of lord Vishnu and is said to be the only mantra in Hindu religious text to have its effect even in this era.

Link to the text:  Sri Vishnu Sahasranama

Method 2:

Performing EKADASHI. As a practice you stay away from food for a day every 15 days once. That is twice a month. You would feel the selflessness imbibed in you.

Hunger is the ultimate urge stronger than Sex and Money which humans cannot control. By restricting yourself to have food for a day you gain supreme control on your mind and its waving thoughts.

This will help you in gaining selflessness and making rite decisions are rite moments in life. Getting used the cycle of no food twice a month will yield such great results that you would learn how to deal with anger, unhappiness, attraction towards filthy stuff etc in life.

May 01, 2016

What is revenge?

Revenge is when some spits at you:
Think for the best answer to that. Work on your answer day and night and come out of that challenge.

Revenge is:
If you are slapped, work tooth and nail achieve the success and throw a spitting answer.


Revenge is: when your dress is torn and you are pushed to fall down wake up and fight hard.

Fight to win in a way where people who spit, tore and slapped you receive a befitting reply in there life which is slaps them mentally much harder than physically.

Revenge is: keeping quiet when you are hurt. JUST KEEP QUIET. calm down yourself, focus and persist towards the goal which slaps and tears there mind and thoughts in a way that regret there entire life for the act they committed on you.

Revenge is: not thinking about the incident or act or words you heard experienced and mourning on it.

Revenge is: act hard and slow. Be continuous in your effort.

Revenge is: being persistent, focused and undeterred until achieve it.

Revenge is: not sitting idle-alone and biting nails.

Revenge is: not abandoning the person who hurt you. Instead stay or be normal.

If you do not like to be normal with that person, do not interact with that animal, chill and focus on what you need to do.


April 19, 2016

Why should I drink green tea? (Six benefits of green tea)

Green tea mainly helps as an antioxidant (yes the same stuff found in chocolates, coffee and other beverages which when you have feel much relaxed).

Do remember caffeine is one the antioxidants and there are several antioxidants as well.

Well before I proceed let me tell what are these antioxidants. Antioxidants are basically those important natural occurring (man-made can also be found but not healthy) chemicals which prevent cell damage or slow the process. By doing this it enhances the cells life and thus new energy flows in the body.

In case of brain substances containing antioxidants acts like a magic giving a natural healing to the damaged cells (causing you headache) in the brain.

Thats the reason you love coffees, teas and cokes of the world. But again as said earlier there are man-made and naturally occurring antioxidants. Also good to health and bad to health antioxidants. Caffeine, a type of antioxidant found in coffee(large amounts) is kind of bad for health when consumed excessively.

When you consume a green tea you get the same relaxing and soothing effect as in the case of coffees, teas and cokes however the taste is not that great.

If you can pardon the taste and replace your coffees, teas and cokes appetite with 'Green tea' slowly session by session (morning, afternoon/evening). The benefits of green tea are immense. Some of the benefits of having green tea are:

1. It contains bio-active compounds that improves you overall health/
2. It helps improve you brain function/activity thus kind of making you smarter.
3. Helps in burning fat and gain higher physical performance.
4. Contains antioxidants which also lower your risks of cancer.
5. Helps in dental protection and infections to teeth.
6. Its helps you against depression, provides great skin care, prevents heart related diseases and list goes on and on.

Hence in simple words the drink of the day is 'GREEN TEA'.  

March 16, 2016

A simple PAUSE can change your world

Always remember three things which will help shape what you are and defines your personality.

Simple. Below are few character types you need to be cautious about.

1. Electric transformer Personality: Moments or people falling in this category should be dealt with utmost care (in securing your self). As any argument or even a silent interaction would lead to unwanted mess or arguments you might fall into. Generally these people are short tempered and never come to terms in there entire life. As every opportunity offered to them by God to correct themselves is thrashed out in a single word in there argument.

2. Shit-pit/Septic tank Personality: These are people who look silent but if you start a conversation you are in soup. Its like throwing a stone slab into septic tank while you are facing the mouth of the tank. You know the result what would happen in this case. Better mould yourself and your character so that your life is happier.

A simple trick to avoid controversial statements and situations:

A PAUSE: That's it!!

A simple pause during a heated argument would help your brain to cool and re-collect and avoid all the intellectual, mental and physical damage you might have had else.

Concentrate to hold yourself back to make that one little PAUSE. Trust me it helps a lot.

Advantages of a PAUSE:

1. Helps you have a peace of mind.
2. You are not a part of any ugly argument.
3. You have bought yourself extra time to think of yourself and your dreams.