April 14, 2014

Best and free antivirus for Windows 7

Basis the performance, memory required, platform versatility and security I have compiled the following list of best and free antivirus programs for windows 7:

  1. Avast antivirus
  2. AVG antivirus
  3. Zone alarm antivirus

Top 7 Best cloud storage options

In terms of usability anonline file sharing I feel Google drive beats others. However, the "GB" facto will make sure our concentration is diverted and forced to consider few more options out there.

Few start-up/smaller organizations like box.net or mediafire.com offer huge amount of free storage to attract newbies and also in the meantime gain by increasing their user base effectively trying to capture as much market share as possible so that it becomes more of a user based phenomenon than company pushed service.

List of known/Unknown cloud storage options to choose from:

  1. Mozy.com with 2 GB free storage.
  2. Copy.com with 15 GB free storage.
  3. Google drive with 15 GB free storage.
  4. Dropbox.com with 2 GB free storage.
  5. Spideroak.com with 2 GB free storage.
  6. Microsoft One drive with 7 GB free storage.
  7. Box.net with 10 GB free storage.

Get 50 GB of cloud storage for free for life! from Mediafire.com

Grab your share of 50 GB online storage for free offered by mediafire.com for newcomers as part of its new desktop cloud storage service.

Also you can upgrade to 1 TB of mamoth storage for just $ 2.5/month

More details:

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April 11, 2014

Some really practical cellphone offers

Check out this deals page on ebay which I feel has some good offers on Blackberry and Sony smaetphones.