December 15, 2014

Discuss: Solution to eliminate loneliness

I myself went through the the loneliness experience and trust me it is difficult to handle the emotions.
You tend to blast out at the dear ones once they reappear after a brief period of spending alone.

This happens when you are alone in pockets of periods constantly over a span of months or years.

This will trigger unnecessary and some time violent thoughts leading to distrust and disbelief among your family members. And slowly will show up on yourself with you behaving very untowardly when you are supposed to react perfectly normal.

You need to make sure you speak out regularly to people whom you are close with and stay most of the time and you family members so that you mind is tamed on a timely manner without you flaring up.

Problems/Issues: Loneliness, Frustration, Personal warmth not present
Solution: Share or mingle online or offline either with friends or family, But on a regular interval of time. Too much gap in time will give the mind to control you instead of other way around.

Hope this helps!

October 16, 2014

Market Research and User Research

Market research and user research are very different in terms of objective, methods and approach.

Market Research

Market research is generally used as a tool to provide some guidance and act as a guiding light to the key decision makers in an organization, with regards to entering a new product domain, geography or trying out pricing strategies. Market research always has broad insight when it comes to results. As in, the sheer size of the sample and the number of feedbacks collected would be very large mainly to generate some confidence and have proven data for analysis to venture into new things as said earlier.

Market research is about user's opinion, what a user has to say about a product.

Where as user research focuses on usage and needs or unsaid expectations/opinions of a user towards a product. These unsaid patterns are captured via various methodologies like face to face interviewing, shadowing, observing, focus groups etc. User research is used to capture the essence of the users words,sentences, etc. basically his "opinion" understood in a more deep dive approach questioning and challenging the ideas and perceptions of user feedback within ourselves.

User Research

User research is all about the extracting of hidden narrow insight of user by painting the pattern of the feedback received overtime, be it via observation, verbal, visual. Which would address many aspects of a organization and trigger, out of the box thinking in the process of finding ways to solve the user's unsaid pain points. At a later stage the market research would help find if these out of the box ideas are viable in market, if yes where, when and how.

September 11, 2014

Top 5 things to achieve personal success

I know you have gone through the most paining part of life which is the life of a person between the age 18 and 29. Those are the years when an individual learns most tough lessons he can ever learn and there is a reason you learn more during that period. That is because you tend to experiment a lot with things which can potentially alter the course and ultimately the destination of your life.

Keep the following in you mind before concluding and setting priorities:

1. Think: Respect your thoughts and don't act in haze and lead yourself to disaster. As more often than not your mind would for sure give feasible option than a "adventurous decision".

2. "small" things: Do not ignore the smallest of details during those years as a small decision you take can affect you later probably a couple of years later and you would thne think that "I shouldn't have taken that decision then". Better give importance to every small thing that comes your way before making up your mind to do wat-so-ever.

3. Consult: Always consult people whom you feel would think for your good and people who are experts in the field that you are going to make a decision. Never skip this process  for any reason.

4. Listen: Cultivate the habit of listening to even a 4 year old kid as you might find clues to clear your confusion from any source.

5. Forget and forgive: It's time to reach new highs and not dwell on silly things that made you sad for a moment or two. Think broad and have a smile always. It attracts good things towards you even if you do wish to!! :)

July 08, 2014

Top 5 ways of Anger Management

Anger is one emotion that can destroy everything. I mean everything!

But similar to the nuclear fission reaction. a controlled release of anger has enormous potential to make wonders with respect to the way you understand, interpret and implement your life.

Often every individual encounters moments which causes the release of huge amount of energy in there body due various positive and negative reasons. One of the negative reason being the "Anger".

This energy needs to be captured and a controlled release should be mastered by following ways to master certain aspects of life.

1. When you reach a peak moment of displaying your anger, start counting the numbers in reverse order .... 10........9.......8.....7...6....5...4....3....2...1....0 slowly.

2. Go away from the scene or stay alone for at-least 30 minutes and do not think of anything except the very thing that made you angry.

3. Have a pre-imagined icon, principle, roll-model of whom or of which can focus/divert your concentration on when in anger.

4. Remember your business is not think and worry and get angry about other people's views. Its non of your business. You are the owner of your mind and thought better spend time nurturing and developing them rather getting upset about some one else's views about you which in no way would affect your way of life.

June 02, 2014

Bad Headache: Solutions

I am often troubled by very bad headaches: Here are few of the reasons I have found for this and the possible plus known practical solutions I have applied.


Due to hunger: When you do not have food on time your brain doesn't have enough energy to process stuff and leads to pain.

Due to over excitement: Now this is weird but true. When you see/earn/get something which is unexpected and unbelievable huge chemical rush assures pain in some internal parts of brain.

Due to over stress: When you are concentrating on something too much and unable to find a solution and reluctant to give it up leads to headache.

Bad argument/ Dissatisfaction after applied effort: When some thing doesn't go the way you intended it to go. Things would not stay same on the brain factory. Some call this 'Migraine'.


Tea: Have a cup of tea and relax. Go way from whatever you are doing. This would give the brain some breathing space and hence eases headache.

Distract: Go off topic. read some jokes. spend some time speaking to closed ones.

Scrap: Stop everything that is not working and push the restart button for the current situation you are in. Fresh ideas heal older junk in brain making you more diverse than narrower in terms of thinking and ideas.