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November 26, 2017

Choices of elderly people spoiling younger

Good morning guys! Today I am talking about how younger generation gets spoiled or exploited due to whims and fancies of so called elderly people.

More often than not just because of this elderly person in the family who is the decision maker manor aspirations and hence the path of life is destroyed for the young ones in the family.

Unless or until the elderly person is broad minded and open to ideas the young ones in the family are destined to be destroyed in the process of obeying the instructions from the 'most matured' person in the family.

If the young one defies the order his life is manually spoiled else if e obeys instructions and implements them in life he is automatically spoiled.

My suggestion to the younger generation is you are in the digital age and you have access to lot more information than your parents had. Listen to them and follow their advise based on your consensus only if you feel it is rite else question the instruction and follow your own path.

Do not be a sheep herd. Where just because some people are following the elderly people you have to. No never do that!

Have a good Sunday!

October 01, 2017

Chaos in life!

What is chaos?

Being not able to think or think straight forward or lack of thoughts even with force.

What should I do to come out of this chaotic situation?

Simple. Stop trying to think and a blank mind is not a state of helplessness, it's just that you achieved bit of calmness in this ever busy world.

Since we are not used to a calm mind we feel it's chaos. In actuality it's for your own good.

Henxe chill and enjoy this calmness in life.

Good day!

September 04, 2017

State of mind: When in difficulty and depression

What happens when you are hit with worst patch of difficulty in life with regards to funds and also in depression due to past events in life?

This is state of mind is cruel oneself and leads to failure more often. We need to focus on the task and pray for some luck while not letting our hardwork ease.

Yes. What if true situation is 100% unsolvable? In this case the first thing you need to remember is nothing is unsolvable, there is a key for every lock. It's only matter of time before you find it. Patience helps you win and trust helps you focussed.

Wear a smile and put 1000% effort and you will come out successful. In life what goes around comes around as well. Always wish good for others. Help others and do not think ill of others. You simply do not know the character or personality of the other person.

Have a great week ahead guys!!

Good morning.

August 18, 2017

Financial pressure in life

When you are completely debt ridden you like life is come to a stand still and attempt to do something which might hurt yourself.

Mind goes to a state where you feel things are unmanageable and lose is imminent. But if you hold onto your nerve and give it sometime . The time itself will heal all the hurdles you are facing now.

Yes you are criticising God . You hate orthodox methods. You feel like dying. You want to commit Suicide etc. But remember this is moment is time you are in this state.

You are bound to come out of this and drink lots of patience drink . Think slowly. Do not take any adverse decisions.

Good night guys...

August 01, 2017

Some tips for how to be happy in life.

Ever wonder the percentage of time you spend repenting or worrying about something in life?

Its over 90% of our we spend on useless thoughts or destructive thoughts or worried thoughts. We spend very little time happily.

Most important quality or practice to be happy or to stay in happy state is "selflessness and gratitude". If you are able to master these two qualities, you have half won the battle with your mind.

Stop wearing the watch! YES I am serious. If you carefully observe half of your worries are about meeting a deadline or reaching somewhere ontime etc. If you are able to cut down on the repeated time tracking you will achieve you goal much earlier and on time even without a clock on you hand.

I have read this line somewhere:

What others think about you is non of your business

This is a golden to be printed on your mind.

What he or she thinks doesn't matter as long as you know you are on correct path. Do not mistake the above sentence and decide to not take advice from others. Taking help or advice is different from guessing opinion for others about you.

Stay happy! Keep chilling! Always smile.

Have a good day.