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May 26, 2015

How to develop an ignoring attitude in life

Sometimes in life you need to ignore few things just to make sure your next moment is sweeter. More often than not the root cause of every negative vibration surrounding us is this failure to ignore something bad, destructive.

Here the my bullets for the bad guys who prevent us from self-motivation, successful life, open mind, happiness.

1. If an object or a person reminds you of a particular bad moment in life, then take a small tiny atomic moment to freeze the time there and halt all the thoughts in your mind. Now re-think what you just thought of. Thats it!! Now you are in control of your mind.

2. A unsuccessful effort on a day when you thought it was the biggest moment of your life. Before terming it as an failed effort sit aside on a roadside chair or a mcdonalds or a place where you are alone. Now order for some eatables and start making a mental note of all the so-called failures and leave it there. Count them! Yup you have conquered those many types of ways to fail and these aspects can never fail you again in life as you know there complete profile picture. :)

3. You see someone experiencing something nice and feel deprived of the same. Now if that someone is whom you know go and start watching them more closely. They are not going through a 'Good experience' instead they have just converted there normal life to Good by means of thinking differently. Now you have your answer on this bad guy of your mind as well.

Good bye guys. Keep smiling. :)
Life is short, don't waste time in hatred!!

May 25, 2015

How to spend 8 hours of jobless time period

Over the weekend I was subjected to some critical task of wasting time.

Rite. You read it correctly! I was literally bored to blog, surf the internet, go for a walk and all possible things your mind is trying to suggest me.

Then how did I spend my time?

I tried to collate all the photographs of my kid since her birth and started to put them into a slideshow (or a movie).

Number One: My time was passing like ferrari
Number Two: Created a beautiful piece of video which I am damn sure my daughter will love it.

It took 6 hours and 40 minutes for me to finish the process but was totally worth it and enjoyed it thoroughty. The take away I learnt working and edit a movie in Magix Movie Edit and improved my proficiency from beginner to Intermediate.

In the process thought to list down some of my learnings:

1st learning: Before your make slightest of change in your project think as it would cosume lot of time for the change to be in-corporated into the movie. As it is movie editing a resource hungry task.

2nd learning: Quit all your additional programs including the song that is playing in the background so that your are working peacefully and with all the computing resources at your disposal for maximum potential.

3rd learning: Save your work at regular intervals. Actually strategically 'save' whenever you reach a stage where you don't want to go back in your editing journey.

May 22, 2015

Three fundamental Principles on How to be happy always

Ok guys! This is a big question. How do I be happy always. May be I have written about it already but still if this helps more people I am happy. Now, In a world which pushes us to go into various emotions and never allow us to have a settled mindset. Remember a settled mindset is one which allows you to comprehend more effectively and hence allow you to control your negative emotions.

So here we go how to be happy always:

1. Keep it simple: Remember what others think about you is not your business. There opinion formation is not in your control completely. Try to mind your business and concentrate on what you have to do.

2. Aha! Present moment: Its so much so much more delightful and pleasant to be in this moment rather than think of some event which already occurred and cannot be changed or a event which is yet to happen. I know there are exceptions to this argument but they should be only positive events.

3. Forgive and forget: Yes I have to take revenge on that guy!!! uhhhh.. Now done with it. I will forgive that guy.  Enough of thinking about things which please(short happiness) the mind and start thinking of stuff which actually makes your mind more mature and happy forever!!!

Hope I made someone smile and help be happy forever!

Good bye!

May 21, 2015

Some humorous stuff during a two long commute to work

I have a long commute to my workplace. It takes two hours (one side) to reach my workplace from home.

So the question what would you do during those hours?

1. Books: I read books mostly fiction or science. Effectively reduces the frustration and increases your intellectuality.

2. Listen to radio: Its said that music sooths your senses. When you listen to melodies, a unique chemical is released in your brain which has the same effect when your or joyous.

3. Sleep (with caution): Some rest to your eyes and zoooom you reached home!!

4. Observe: I tend to get caught with observing patterns when I look around sometimes like facial patterns, patterns in the designs of the bill boards.

5. Circus: This one doesn't require your effort at all as you need to manage to stand in the crowded public transport bus so that you are dealing with the exiting and entering passengers along with making sure your bag is safe(more importantly my MAC is safe). :) ;)

Good bye guys!

May 20, 2015

Liquid spilled on MacBook Pro? Things to know before you panic.

Today learnt the scary fact after getting my new Mac from my company that the Macbook pros are not covered for liquid spillage under the warranty.

Doesn't seem scary until you know few more facts listed below.

1. Macbook has five sensors which turn from white to red color as soon as they come in contact with any form of liquid. (Even the moisture from high AC in your room with sudden increase in tempearture can cause the Mac sensors to turn Red)

2. The cost of logic board (Mother board is Rs.40000/-). Cost of display unit is approximately Rs.25000/-

3. If you are unable to prove that the defect in your machine is accidental and not intentional then you are looking at some grim financial near future.

4. Below is the pic of sensors on MacBook pro.

Image courtesy:

Few first-aids:

1. Do not plug-in the charger or switch on the Macbook pro if a liquid has just spilled over.

2. Turn the Macbook pro upside down and place the device on sheet of absorbing paper or cloth.

3. Leave this setup for 10 - 12 hours.

4. Pray to God and take hair dryer and slowly but thoroughly dry you machine.

5. Now switch on the device and wait for the eureka moment!!

Hope all is well!