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June 29, 2018

Do you need money? And more of it.

Each and every moment you are breathing your struggle is to keep your stomach filled but that has changed significantly and we struggle to satisfy our luxury.

Earlier it was one man working in the family and the family is served for living.

Later it turned out that just serving is not enough we need to have own home new clothes etc.

Now apart from the basic and semi luxury commitments above we are hunger or having top quality entertainment. Best in class beauty accessories. And to top it all the envy of other family members when a close relative or neighbor is enhancing his or her life. That adds on to the pressure on lead male in the family to match his status to the so called social status of the neighbor and so on. This pressure comes in the form of..... You guessed it..!

He has to do two jobs!

I will stop here and pray mankind stops here and returns to normalcy ditching these kind of trends and be for humble aspiring their needs rather greeds

Have a happy weekend. What others think of you is non of your business.

What is hard work?

Today I finished a massive project at my workplace which was running since last eight months or so it was a very tough journey where in we just had two times have sleepless nights.

But then what makes it all fruitful is the culmination of it when you see whatever hard work you have put in last eight months had made sure a better output for your organisation you would obviously make sure that you will be much more enthusiastic about your next assignment

Other end of the day what matters is not the destination it's all about the journey I read couple of good lines today of Charlie Chaplin where he says it's what matters in life at the end of the day is how you spent life rather than how you left the world. He says each day you didn't laugh is a wasted day in your life which I completely agree with him.

Off late I feel no infatuation Or love of having money with me it doesn't make any difference as long as I am earning enough to feed myself the end of the day have lost that craze for money I don't know if this is something good or bad.

But I feel this makes me much more relieved of the Worldly pleasures that people crave for at least. I don't have to be jealous of someone who is having something more than what I don't have for example I have iPhone 4s which is completely shattered on the face of it but I don't feel like buying any new phone as such because I don't see a need for it. I hope this feeling of mine within myself gives me a better self satisfaction and helps me control my emotions .

June 06, 2018

Omens of life and Stable mind

You are surrounded with lot challenges and riddles God has made sure they are around you.

A stable mind which is free of any provocation, difference is opinion, change in mood, conflicts, comics, daily wear and tears is the most stable mind.

When you are insulted and you smile with absolutely zero change in brain wave pattern confirms you are truly stable.

Yes its its very difficult to stay or keep your mind calm. But once you master this you are on a sure path to enlightenment and you will be free of worldly pleasures and greeds including wealth.

Instead you feel like smiling on others who are desperate to hurt you but unable to due to a rock solid stable mind you have.

Never entertain a provocation and feed your mind with anger and desperation which will result in skating up the molecules of a settled environment around you thus reducing the positive cover you have around you!

Good night. Sweet dreams.

March 13, 2018

Mental chaos

Mind is in total chaos. There is lot of thought noise. Everything is very blurry thought. Thinking and decision making are very unclear. Phenomenon looks unending and infinite.

Feels like the path is closed and life is heading for a disaster. No amount of hardwork looks like helping the cause.

Criticism is the order of the day and no escaping it. Need a spiritual time off. Need mental peace. Need to some positivity flowing. Need some support. Need some cheerful things to happen. Blankness occupies apart from thought chaos.

God bless me.

March 09, 2018

Tips for preparing to travel safely

All of us like to travel. But most of us lack the idea of preparation. If you are a occasional traveler. Then you might want to go through some of the below pointers.

Plan you travel at least 3 months in advance if the travel is for a week duration.

Prioritize essentials and list them down which would be taken along with you.Medicines, fall-back food items like chocolates, torch, basic clothing and foot wear. Any other packing can happen on top of these.

Do some homework on the place you are visiting the weather conditions, what is popular buy there and which are the good travel spots you can visit there. But do not limit your choices to only these.

Organize your itinerary. Know your exact period of travel at least 2 months prior to the date and book your tickets/car/hotel stay accordingly.

Confirm and make sure that all the bookings are in place. Read and understand the terms and conditions thoroughly as you do not want to be in surprise once you reach.

Share your contact with your dear ones and let them know of your travel plan clearly in advance.

Hope that was helpful.