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March 05, 2016

Why should we sleep

Sleep can cure diseases

In the Modern age sleep is something which is compromised the most by the working population. Proper sleep can bring unknown benefits to one's life and health surprisingly. Sound sleep can give the brain to recycle and eliminate bad or unwanted thoughts. Service itself and get ready for new beginning once you are back to conscious.

When it comes to health benefits it is not restricted to the brain itself but to the entire human body. The nervous system, heart and hence the blood get a chance to refresh and revitalise themselves. This process makes a person feel fresh when he wakes up from a sound sleep. Basically, when ur whole body is at rest it easier for each organ and hence the brain to focus on any repairs or servicing activity on that organ.

It is important to eat less and atleast three hours before you go to bed. The digestive system continues to work hard if you sleep rite after you had food, leaving you with less satisfied sleep.

Dreams - a part of everyone's sleep can inspire or motivate you. Dreams are mostly a package of incidents that you either thought or experienced prior day or in recent past before dream occurred. Some dreams may be the source for your next big success. Hence dreams induces confidence, motivation and hence to extent new ideas that can totally transform a person's life.


March 04, 2016

Concept of god in hinduism

It's not a random subject when millions of people are following a specific religion or deity.
Our ancestors made sure that this entire concept of having an accountability towards a invisible supreme power would make sure all the generations after theirs would not deviate from the disciplinary practices they laid down. Hence the mankind would then flourish without any hindrances and serious hurdles like following:

I.      Hatred: people fighting for some loss they incurred due to the other person.
II.    Selfishness: always wanting more than achieved in wrong areas of life.
III.   Cunning: using the unlawful routes to achieve success.

I hope people would look these foundations laid my our ancestors in a more positive manner and follow them religiously. Rather than enforcing the learning and belief for one's enlightenment it should be a 'by choice' decision by any individual.

Happy and prosperous life to all!

Prashanth Nagar - Raghavendra Swami temple

May Sri Raghavendra swami bless all the mankind with prosperity in these difficult times.

Lastly we are part that human race we need the people to answer the questions that we don't have answers for.

March 03, 2016

Lost Job and looking for a job? Here are few tips

Some life tips on how to deal with difficult times when it comes to losing your only earning mode.

1. Firstly, when you know that you are going to lose your Job from your employer, DO NOT PANIC.

  • Relax. Think about the possible consequences. - Take 2 to 3 days of time for this.
  • Discuss with your family or friends to identify additional consequences on there lives.
  • Prioritize the most destructive consequence. - Again 1 to 2 days of time.
  • Start building a solution to these in order. - This would require a week's time to manage a sustainable solution.

2. Once you have followed the above steps and have come up with a prospective solution, IT's TIME FOR ACTION.

3. You might have to face some headwinds while implementing the solution but do not be depressed. Instead be brave and take one step at a time and never lose sight of the destiny.

4. On a parallel note this situation you are dealing with will also teach the corrective steps so that you never encounter this situation again in Life.

  • Create a emergency fund (minimum two months of earnings a limit)
  • Be more social and try to proactive in identifying the brewing trouble in your workplace - Be it because of your own deeds or Organizations performance.
  • Never hesitate to be a humble person. Success comes to you rather you searching for it.
  • Be up-to-date on the financial performance of the organization and never miss any company wide meetings or critical meetings with your manager.
  • Pay attention to what your peers are talking about and only listen to stuff that matters to you which are genuine as well. There are lot of nitty gritty things that get discussed during peer talks.
  • Always keep an eye on the  Job market trend while not losing sight on your Job responsibility with 100% effort.
Some useful sites for job search sites:

Hopefully some of the above tips will  help you in the career. Keep checking back for updates on this blog. Thanks for visiting. See you again.