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March 07, 2013

IPhone 5S - with Stylus?

IPhone 5S is rumoured to come accompanied with a stylus? Atleast thats the rumour running across web. Is apple going the samsung way. May be not as they have filed patents for stylus like device. As it is from Apple you can expect some great features incorported into it. Lets wait and watch.

March 06, 2013

Jellydream rom for Micromax - review

I have been using this rom since last ten days and all is working well in this awesome rom. I would recommend this rom as you wait for an official Jelly bean rom from Micromax.

One issue you might face with could the icons not visible in the setting screen. But that is still fine as long as the rom is flowing smooth.

Most of the OS flows smoothly without a lag anywhere.

Personally i liked the Ubuntu font. looks very neat and nice.

Screenshot of ubuntu font.

Also if you did not like the default font and like to change the same. follow the below steps. to apply a different font.
1.Download the ubuntu font from here.
2.Place it on the SD-Card.
3.Reboot into CWM recovery mode.
4.Select install zip from SD-Card.
5.Select the ubuntu font zip file downloaded.
6.Once done reboot.

You should be seeing the new font taking over the OS all over execpt for few places which is still fine. The same procedure can followed for any other font zip file that you might have. Note: please do it at you own risk. do not forget to backup you current data/OS before attempting.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Reading the rumored specs across the web it looks like the eye-scroll feature would be the most interesting one to look for the in newest galaxy. That's really innovative. If the feature works flawlessly then that would change the way cellphones behave. In actuality the give and give concept would slowly move to give and take between the cellphone and end-user, as more and more smartphones would start interacting with humans based on various body part movements.

Also read the new I-phone might have the fingerprint sensors.. thats one more interesting piece of technology to look forward for.

Life changing experience.

Must watch for everyone I would say. Spend sometime watching this seminar, really inspiring by Sandeep Maheshwari.

Google play book

Google play book is here. The convenience it offers in reading and in purchasing is amazing and very user friendly. I had been playing around with the new offering and found it elegant in terms of interface and usability. (Obviously lot of engineering has gone behind it!). :)

The price of books are categorized in several buckets for users who would like to limit there expense footprint.

As in case of applications offered in Google play store, here as well you can find books divided based on various topics making it more convenient to search for books with different tastes. Check it out at the below link.