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April 29, 2014

How to prepare for interviews

Ok... you have an interview to attend and you are nervous as to what would be the structure and questions. You are anticipating certain things that may come during the interview and preparing for the same.

But folks. In my experience I have seen if you do not prepare and attend an interview chances are high that you would come out with flying colors.

Here are some basic tips before attending an interview.

1. Wake up normally: Do not sacrifice your sleep. Relax well before you leave home. This would give you ample energy and freshness in your eyes.

2. Interview preparation: Always finish your interview preparations a day before the interview is scheduled. Never do a last minute hurry as this would kill your mental structure for the session. Know your CV well as approximately 50 to 60 percent of the questions would be based out of your own CV.

3. Time and Punctuality: Be on time at the venue as delay would create a mushy impression upfront to the interviewer.

4. Calm and cool: Have a water bottle with you always and never panic during the wait time and while giving the interview as this lead the mind go chaotic and scrambled answers would be the output from you. Hence when a question is thrown to you always understand the question and if required ask the interviewer to re-phrase the question until your understanding becomes clear.

5. Sign off: This is very important the last phase of any interview is mostly concluded by the interviewer asking "if you have any questions". Normally candidated would hesitate to ask but I would recommend to put across even the least important logical question that you may have to the interviewer. As this would give more insight about your thought process to the interviewer. At the same time creates positive image for yourself.

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