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April 29, 2014

BJP - Narendra Modi (Magical Number 272)

Its been a hectic election schedule in India and looks like the opposition party BJP is giving tough fight this time around with the one face - Narendra Modi (NaMo).

There has been a significant debate on his style of governing. The gujarat model has been talked about in various forums both positively and negatively. At the outer looks it can not be denied that there has been some good governance model in Gujarat, simply put as the people of Gujarat have chosen Narendra Modi not one or twice but thrice. This is itself would give a fair picture of the metal Narendra Modi posesses in actuality.

In cosmopolitic mindset of indian political arena. Its very difficult to convince and satisfy each elected governing members of aruling party. And being the head of it NaMo has achieved it to certain extent at the state level. But the real test begins when he truimphs the highest role - The Prime Minister of India. Where in he has to manage an entire alliance of parties which would have varied views and agendas on every single issue that country faces today.

NaMo has to take every ally in confidence before making any significant decision. I would personally feel he might be able to pass through this test given his style of thinking and actions. Even though you might be able to expect a 100% clean government, you can atleast boast of strong Prime Minister. :)

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