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July 21, 2017

Mental pressure: What does mental pressure feel like?

Moments when you are pushed to corner of a room with thousand voices shouting at you to rip your nerves apart.

Thats mental pressure in part for you. It is a moment when your heart tells your brain about your helplessness to save yourself out of the current pathetic situation.

This kind of mental pressure leads to some of extreme thoughts of mind. It compels you to take extreme steps. That too without any room to think constructively.

Pause yourself for second. This moment is not the end of life. This is a solvable moment.

Think this his way and move on. Pressure will heal only if it's allowed to for some peaceful moments

Good night guys!

Managing the hate: How to not hate someone?

I hate that person for my life!

How often you would have told the above sentence to yourself? question yourself.

We might have gone through lot of situations which might have turned your opinion against the person you hate. But think about it again. Does it really warrant to carry the feeling of disgust throughout your life?

Weigh each scenario which made you that person carefully based on what was the intent of that person when that incident occurred?

Put yourself in that person's shoes and understand his perspective.

By now your hatred should have reduced to some extent.

Lets continue...

Now every time you talk about that person within yourself take a small pause and see if it worth giving your mindspace and time for this loose talk which is not constructive in anyway.

Hatred should have reduced to manageable levels by now...

lets continue...

Take a slow and continues breath of the above methods did not bring you out of that mindset at that moment. Concentrate on your breath for say 2 mins.

Lastly move away from your current location. Take a walk.

By now a smile should have formed in your face!

Wear that smile always. Never lose it!

Keep smiling. Stay healthy. Live long.

Good morning guys.

July 20, 2017

How to solve difficulties in life?

Every moment in life we are challenged for our existence. Challenged is posed in the form of tiny battles every moment.

We term these tiny battles as difficulties, sorrows displeasure, unhappiness etc

The solution:

Smile - Prime medicine for all possible diseases, sorrows, difficulties, uneasiness, anxiety, anger, displeasure

Yes a smile on your face is proved to scientifically as well to produce comforting chemicals within brain which allows constructive thinking.

Smile is the only thing which enhances mood of not only self but of all the people around us.

Smile sends a rite note/signal to all the people you work with and makes you more approachable there by making you more likelier to win in life.

Keep smiling guys!!

Good night.

July 16, 2017

Karnataka SSLC supplementary results announced: July 2017

Karnataka SSLC supplementary results announced today. Above is the link to access the result page. Enter your registration number and click on print to take out a copy of results sheet. All the best!!!

Movie review: Jagga jasoos

In an attempt to move from the traditional romance and family drama the makers of 'Jagga Jasoos' have come up with a very beautiful narrative.

Its a screenplay worth watching. The story is narrated using a classroom environment in a comic book style. As and when the teacher narrated various chapters the movie takes the audience along.

The lead character is in search for lost father. And Ranbir Kapoor is roped in as detective to assist on finding the missing father.

Overall the movie can be rated 4/5 and a worthy family entertainer!

Good night guys..