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July 21, 2017

Managing the hate: How to not hate someone?

I hate that person for my life!

How often you would have told the above sentence to yourself? question yourself.

We might have gone through lot of situations which might have turned your opinion against the person you hate. But think about it again. Does it really warrant to carry the feeling of disgust throughout your life?

Weigh each scenario which made you that person carefully based on what was the intent of that person when that incident occurred?

Put yourself in that person's shoes and understand his perspective.

By now your hatred should have reduced to some extent.

Lets continue...

Now every time you talk about that person within yourself take a small pause and see if it worth giving your mindspace and time for this loose talk which is not constructive in anyway.

Hatred should have reduced to manageable levels by now...

lets continue...

Take a slow and continues breath of the above methods did not bring you out of that mindset at that moment. Concentrate on your breath for say 2 mins.

Lastly move away from your current location. Take a walk.

By now a smile should have formed in your face!

Wear that smile always. Never lose it!

Keep smiling. Stay healthy. Live long.

Good morning guys.

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