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March 16, 2016

A simple PAUSE can change your world

Always remember three things which will help shape what you are and defines your personality.

Simple. Below are few character types you need to be cautious about.

1. Electric transformer Personality: Moments or people falling in this category should be dealt with utmost care (in securing your self). As any argument or even a silent interaction would lead to unwanted mess or arguments you might fall into. Generally these people are short tempered and never come to terms in there entire life. As every opportunity offered to them by God to correct themselves is thrashed out in a single word in there argument.

2. Shit-pit/Septic tank Personality: These are people who look silent but if you start a conversation you are in soup. Its like throwing a stone slab into septic tank while you are facing the mouth of the tank. You know the result what would happen in this case. Better mould yourself and your character so that your life is happier.

A simple trick to avoid controversial statements and situations:

A PAUSE: That's it!!

A simple pause during a heated argument would help your brain to cool and re-collect and avoid all the intellectual, mental and physical damage you might have had else.

Concentrate to hold yourself back to make that one little PAUSE. Trust me it helps a lot.

Advantages of a PAUSE:

1. Helps you have a peace of mind.
2. You are not a part of any ugly argument.
3. You have bought yourself extra time to think of yourself and your dreams.