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May 09, 2014

How to lose weight without exercise

This is arguably the most sought after solution on earth when 2/3rds of the younger generation is trying to look slimmer.

I am sure you would have found at least a dozen link offering solutions to become slimmer. I am just giving you some practical tips on this subject which are more natural and minus side effects. But one per-requisite is you need to have some patience to achieve this.

Tip #1
Have lots of fruits be it any time of the day or night. Fruits help mitigate your hunger  simultaneously reducing the fat content across the body thus helping you lose weight.

Tip #2
Lots of water is good for health. Always keep your body hydrated and avoid any soft drinks. If you feel you need to have liquid have water.


Tip #3
Stop having coffee rite now. Start having green tea. Green tea has high antioxidant capacity, boosts metabolism, burns fat which makes it a perfect drink for people who want to lose weight.

Tip #4
Use these generously: Cinnamon, Black pepper and ginger as these are substance which are hot they would help decreasing the fat content in your body.

Tip #5
Have a satisfactory sleep. Good sleep always makes the body relax and give time to set most the internal organs work efficiently to complete the basics assigned to them which otherwise would not happen and you would feel all sorts of disorders happening in you body.

How to count unique values in pivot table

More often than not if you are using any version prior to Microsoft Office Excel 2013, you would have faced the problem of counting uniques in a pivot table.

I found this solution sometime back which in-corporates the countif function so beautifully that you would think "that was so simple"

Check out: Download the example excel file here.

May 08, 2014

How to fix the mind and improve concentration

Yes the mind is the most wandering if considered for the best wandering subject.

In today's world there is simply so much data inflow that if becomes difficult for even the best computer, the brain God had built to keep track of information and process the same.

Our brain is not able to sustain the bahemoth of data despite multitasking making us more focused and less competent in certain areas of life.

Firstly, we need to channelize the information that is fed to the mind for thinking. To achieve this you would need to simply stop thinking about anything for a moment and hit the mind's restart button so that all the data in the temporary memory is erased.

Now, if you are able to achieve the above then you can proceed to next step, else try few mental focus exercises like meditation spiritual yoga so that you can gain control of the mind slowly and increase/improve concentration.

Secondly, always focus on the current moment because you cannot change what has already occured and you have no idea of what lies 2 years (for e.g.) down the line. Try to stay in present and that itself will bring in lot of mental focus on the job you are at now.

Thirdly, do not try to take contract for thinking on behalf of others. Everyone has a brain and has the capacity to think. you are not here to share your brain's resources when the person in need is self sufficient

May 07, 2014

Review: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr)

Ubuntu 14.04 was released on 16th April 2014. I have installed the operating system and using it as my primary OS since past week or so.

I really loved it.

Ok! its time to start loving the Unity Bar as it has been given the much needed stability and looks more polished and finished product.

One the first thing that you would note is the lock screen that has changed drastically to a full screen visual treat instead of a white box found versions 13.10 and prior.

Ubuntu 14.04 lock screen
Online accounts - Ubuntu 14.04Also lot of Google apps have native instances. In the sense you do not need to open a browser to use some of the basic web apps/accounts. You would offered suggestions as and when you browse on the Mozilla Firefox. For example.  when you for the first time navigate to it would offer you to configure the native livemail web app. Web account sync and setup is a breeze on Ubuntu 14.04 with support for a lot of account types.

In the general the stability of the OS is pretty awesome with no hick-ups when I had 10 applications running simultaneous doing different jobs (without Idle time)

Tip! The resolution of the screen seems to be better in 'Radiance" theme than the default "Ambiance"

Radiance theme - ubuntu 14.04
Firefox is too fast on the Ubuntu 14.04. You would love surfing on Firefox I bet. The loading times are too quick and pleasure to browse though various sites simultaneously.

The visual effects of the on the new OS is stunning and Windows/Macs have a formidable competition on cards. Overall the entire OS is nicely polished and looks great.

This time the release was perfect as many Windows XP users looking for alternative would go for the Ubuntu given that the support for windows XP has ended.

On the software front all the applications have been migrated to their latest version.