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May 27, 2016

How to not let disappointment pile up

In life we face lot of situations where things would not happen according to what we anticipated or worked hard for.

When this happens we get disappointed. Human mind is a very beautiful place, consider disappointment as source of waste. Now would dirty a beautiful place called mind with a waste called disappointment?

The answer should be know if you want to be a peace loving healthy minded person. Now imagine you did not clean your mind and left the dirt as is. What happens over time?

The dirt would pile up. Naturally it rotten (spoil your thoughts) and hence start decomposing (your behaviour is affected in a negative manner)

So how to clean this diet called disappointment? I would say throw (speak out or work hard to achieve success)

Opening up yourself helps a lot in cleaning the mind. It also helps others understand you better and act accordingly.

If the disappointment is due to failure in achieving something then focus on working harder plus smarter in realising your dreams or goals.

But if disappointment is because a person then never keep it within you. It would lead to higher levels of emotional stress like depression and anger towards that person. This may be very bad allowing you to think in ways that defies your basic or original personality.

Be happy and try to bring smile on atleast one person's face everyday.


May 24, 2016

Ten tips to Handle Mental blankness

When you go through severe mental stress or extreme emotions mind reaches a state which is undefinable. During such a state the very min which defines things is in a undefined state.
Some ways to handle mental blankness are below:
1. Do not move your body.
2. Sit down and sit idle.
3. Do not Lydown.
4. If possible don't stop speaking only the conversation was a pleasant discussing.
5. If in mid of a heated argument do not speak.
6. Mind will obviously not be in a state to take decision, hence this point is given. But still do not take any critical decisions that may or may not affect you physically.
7. If water is within reachable distance have some.
8. Remember this state is temporary and you are not reaching a state of death.
9. Counselling yourself saying this helpless and hopeless state is not going to continue for Long is very important.
10. Every difficult situation or argument has a purpose and it is defined that way. Hence relax slowly and accept certain walks in life as is. This avoids thought collision leading to mental blankness.
keep smiling!

May 22, 2016

Speaking out cures everything

Today lets talk about talking itself. The importance of talking and the way it cures some of the misspelt thoughts. Generate ideas for life and hence pull you out of depression .
Most often than not people advise to listen more than talk. It's true to certain extent as well but over doing it can kill you and your character. Hence talk when some thing arising in your mind and you want people around you to know.
Talking is like nuclear fission in a controlled fashion. When you accumulate lot of emotions and ideas within yourself for long time then all of this starts getting boiled in your mind.
Having these in mind will result in depression, unnecessary aggression and you tend to go alone in life.
On a good sunny day if someone punches these emotions boiling in minds. It would be come out at once via you shouting at that person and this process is called "Anger".
Hence, talking sensibly and most importantly do not stop talking.
happy talking and smiling

May 18, 2016

Lenovo launches Moto G4 and Moto G4 plus

After being acquired by Lenovo, Motorola brand name has been bid adieu and the new Lenovo Moto takes over the line up.
Under the new banner Lenovo launches Moto G4 and Moto G4 plus.
Lets look at what's in store this time around in the Moto G series
Overall the hardware has been bumped up significantly compared the Motorola G3 with a high-end snapdragon 617 chip in there with Qualcomm 6 series . It has a eight cortex a53 cores. The processing speed is 1.5 Ghz. Both models come with varied RAM sizes and memories starting from 2GB RAM and 16GB inbuilt memory (ROM) up to 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM.
Graphics are powered by Adreno 405 GPU.
The screen size has been increased by 0.5 inches to 5.5 inches overall. The real booster is that it's a 1080p HD screen compared to 720p in Moto G3. That's a big jump keeping in mind the competition growing in the mid segment of smartphones.
The camera is 13MP on Moto G4 and 16 MP on Moto G4 plus. Both of them feature a 5MP front snapper.
Fingerprint sensor:
This is an exclusive feature on Moto G4 plus only. There is a square earmarked for scanning finger prints. Mind you it is pretty quick taking less than a second to detect, scan and unlock the screen.
Both G4 and G4 plus have 3000 mah battery with fast charging port. The G4 plus comes with a turbo charger along with sales package.

Instead leaving the Motorola division in tantrums Lenovo has done a decent job by coming up with phones which have killer specifications for the mid segment.
The Moto G4 plus base model (16GB) is expected to retail at Rs.13500 with the 32 GB costing Rs.15000.

12 ways to let things go

We are bound to carry the burden of feeling after every incident.
its very difficult to not thinking something that is not related to you. Even though an incident doesn't affect us we still ponder on it and
make life hell for ourselves.
Found the following beautiful thought on maturity.
*What is maturity? - by Adi Shankara*
1. Maturity is *when you stop trying to change others, ...instead focus on changing yourself.*
2. Maturity is when you
*accept people as they are.*
3. Maturity is when you
*understand everyone is right in their own perspective.*
4. Maturity is when you
*learn to "let go".*
5. Maturity is when you are
able to *drop "expectations" from a relationship and give for the sake of giving.*
6. Maturity is when you
*understand whatever you do, you do for your own peace.*
7. Maturity is when you *stop proving to the world, how intelligent you are.*
8. Maturity is when you *don't seek approval from others.*
9. Maturity is when you *stop comparing with others.*
10. Maturity is when you *are at peace with yourself.*
11. Maturity is when you *are able to differentiate between "need" and "want" and are able to let go of your wants.*
*& last but most meaningful !*
12. You gain Maturity when you *stop attaching "happiness" to material things !!*

Even if half of the above are followed a peaceful and prosperous life awaits you.

May 16, 2016

Four ways to avoid confused state of mind

Ever thought how do a person with a chaotic and tristate mind would be like.

Its when you see people calling somebody "absent minded" are the same people who suffer from this kind of mental state. I would not prefer calling it as illness as they as well are human beings and the moment we say ill, that person is thrown out of main stream society.

So what should a person going through confused state do to come out of it?

  • Well I would say stop doing whatever you are doing rite now. Concentrate on your body. Think of you mind as a garbage can and your job is to empty it. Mentally List down all the thoughts that just ran in your mind. Which are blocking you from arriving at a logical end. 
  • Now weight these in order of how severe they have an impact on your life. Once this done you should be having a shorter list.
  • Slowly close your eyes and meditate with utmost concentration on any object of your choice. Concentrate on your breathe for about 200 inhales and exhales. Now open your eyes. From those shortlisted items you should be finding a solution for each of them.
  • Do the above exercise everyday no matter what comes. In about 10 -15 days you should start seeing the benefits and your mind would slowly start De-cluttering.

wish you a happy and clean mind!

keep smiling

Tamil Nadu elections 2016

Today Tamil Nadu went to polls for the assembly elections 2016. Jayalalitha still looks strong at the outlook of it rite now. Election commission has restricted the media to not publish exit poll results before 6.30 PM today (16th May 2016).
As in every election in Tamil Nadu the power of goodies mattered a lot in this iteration as well.
But the flavour of goodies have changed this time around. With the primary parties focusing on schemes which are unheard of before. Some of them include free power, wifi in public places and loan waivers for farmers.
Overall it would be an interesting results day whenever its announced for Tamil Nadu this year


Football in India - UEFA EURO 2016

While casually browsing on the twitter. I was looking at the UEFA Euro 2016 feeds. Thoughts ran through the mind why doesn't football play a important role in the Indian sub-continent.

Yes, off late there has been some public private partnerships to host premier league tournaments in India as well but not of a big success. Also indian players did not get the required attention required.

Indian Super League constituted mostly of foreign nationals with sprinkles of Indian players. The basic DNA of Indian kids lies in the game of cricket where the kids grow in an environment which mostly idolizes every Indian cricket player and the kids are not exposed to any other kind of sports.

Being a predominantly middle class society it is hard to see a football champion team rising out of India anytime in the near future.

I wish all the football players and enthusiasts a best of luck for there next season in 2016.

Below is the UEFA EURO 2016 fixtures:


Exam results announced - 2016

After all the anxious moments for days the SSLC students from Karnataka can have a relieved moment.

Currently the site does not look like it is overloaded. Good job to the SSLC board for announcing the results hazzle free on there site. Which in general was a tedious job with painful hours for the students to wait for the results page to load on the site.

Looks like the girls have again topped in terms of pass percentage this year as well(2016) as it has been always in Karnataka.

The next result awaited is the PUC results which should be announced by end of may.

Along with the SSLC results in Karnataka there has another set of students waiting for there RBSE 12th grade results in Rajasthan.

All the best to all the students awaiting there results!


Three short steps to think positively

Today lets talk about thinking positively. Oh Wait!! Not only thinking positively but talking and understanding positively as well.
Its suggested thoughts change our actions. It's true in most cases but we deviate from thoughts during act due to various external momentary stimuli.

So how to practice to go in positive direction for all three (Thinking, talking and understanding)?
Its pretty simple, follow some of the basic listed below and you should be on your way to a more constructive behavior and hence enhanced lifestyle.
  1. When you think positively it influences your mind to do good things but why do we do the opposite? It is important to cling on to the precious positive thought long enough until you an action results due to that thought.
  2. When you say something try to match it with what you thought ( this is a very important step assuming your thoughts are sorted to think on positive direction). If your actions or words are not matching with your thoughts then stop there. Review and speak or act as you thought.
  3. The third aspect of positivism is understanding things positively. Due to lack of this positivism most of the relationships are in scatters and ruined. As I have already talked about perception and reality in my previous posts I would request you to refer the same here . But to give a small brief on the same the very interpretation of a feeling or observation makes a lot difference.
If the initial feeling or observation itself is born on a negative plot then you need to work on the 1st step listed in this article more. Once you learn the 1st step you will feel the difference in he way you approach everything in life.
In most cases these are the three steps that differentiates successful or happy and satisfied people with the rest of them.

happy positive thinking!
see yeah.

May 15, 2016

Causes for mental illnesses: Part Two

Mind is weird place is very vulnerable to even slightest wind of negative thoughts.
Rock hard mind is the need of the hour and Training your mind in that direction is what is required to be successful in life.
  • Setting goals can help cure a lot of mental illness. No goal creates a vacuum in life and mind. This intern will lead to lot of chaotic situations and environment.
  • Stabilize your self stand stiff against odds, see and aim only your goal.
  • You should be good enough to eliminate negative vibes arising out of your own mind and body.
  • Negative thoughts imply sick mind unless it until it is something a group of minds are discussing together for a positive result.

  • Cultivation of a occupied mind is the secret of healthy lifestyle in someways. An empty mind makes sure the metal Called mind is rusting every moment.
  • Now positive occupancy and negative occupancy is as well important. Constructive thoughts or diversion tactics can help you survive in the competition with your own mind to gain supremacy of your body's actions.
Wish you all a Happy and most importantly a healthy mind always!!
Tip: Start a new hobby today itself which help positive occupancy of your mind.

May 12, 2016

Causes for mental illnesses: Part One

Some of the causes or rather characteristics that affect the health of mind:
When a mind is hit unerasable instances such some one insulting repeatedly.
You are in such a situation that you just can't express your loneliness or the easiness with people around you.(notable portion is you are alone even with so many people around you).
You think a lot about something . Calm state of mind is never reached.
You have a forced responsibility .
You cry alone.
with I will stop this post.. Catch yi in next post...
"I love walking in rain because no one can see me crying" - Charlie Chaplin.

Ten tips to reclaim your lost life

Done and dusted with your life? Lost hope and feel it's not going to be the same again?
GET UP!! It's time to recycle thoughts, regenerate ideas, rejuvenate your body and thinking and reclaim your life.

 Few are the must follows to click on the restart/refresh  button of your life.

- Have ample sleep (at least 8 hours) no matter what comes.
- Prioritize yourself against everything in life (break the ice and make your health/happiness the only thing important in life).
- Set one target and a deadline and work on it like it is the last day of your life.
- Help atleast one person everyday.
- Make one person smile everyday.
- Share your food with your friend or your room mate.
- Change your lifestyle:
  • Getup early.
  • List your day's tasks before you start your work.
  • Delete/De-activate your Facebook account.
  • Put phone on do not disturb mode for 4 hours daily (increase the time by 10 mins everyday thereafter).
  • Talk to you colleagues/friends (not message them).
  • Remember if you are reading this post you are already part of the top 20-30% people of the world who are living a comfortable life.
  • Learn to be selfless
  • Eliminate bad thoughts/negative thoughts for peace of mind
  • You are here for a purpose.
  • You life is beautiful, do not let others to take control of it via your mind (avoid think loops - mind starts thinking about unnecessary stuff when it is lacking productive/constructive thoughts)
- Remember you are not alone.

Keep smiling.


May 11, 2016

Methods of identifying mental illness yourself

A combination of factors may help identify if you are a victim of mental illness. In many cases mental illness is never identified and hence not diagnosed.

The person will have terrible moments if this is the case. Some of the patterns you can go through your own life can help you find the illness.

  • You are not happy with life, most of the times in past 6 to 10 months.
  • You are having mood swings very often.
  • People (and not only people close to you) are having difficult times to sync with you in many situations.
  • Your actions are not matching instructions.
  • You are losing presence of mind very often.
  • You feel life is sick. (Symptoms of depression)
  • You help to someone is not appreciated and you are becoming more and more hungry for people to always talk about yourself.
  • You love staying alone always
  • You do not like to participate in any discussion.
  • You love to live a lonely life.
  • You run away from all social media and prefer being invisible in all modes of life to the external world.
  • You tend to think more about even the most smallest incident where some one told something to some one else.
  • An tiny insult (even though it is done with a fun element and only in front of your closest people in life) is also detrimental and you hate this like hell.
  • You cry alone often
  • You start speaking to yourself (mostly scolding the person who insulted you), scolding that person.

Some of the above may seem perfectly normal but if you find a pattern in any of these try to rectify it as it will cause irreversible damage to the mind's health.

Take care buddy!

I can be of help if you feel lonely. Because even i have had a sick mind causing me to go to depression multiple times. Due to many events in my life. I understand what is loneliness. How we tend to love loneliness and how we rejoice being alone. But the truth is it is bad and really bad.

You can contact me on below ID buddy whenever and wherever. Hopefully I can be of some help to you!


May 08, 2016

Top ways to handle anxiety: how it affects

When you face something unusual and face many people or when you are awaiting a result ANXIETY takes you over. Anxiety can be overcome by following ways:
Number one: If you feeling anxiety as you enter a stage to face audience then:
  • Start the talk with interactive session, question the audience. Involve them in your talk. 
  • Create a task based approach.
  • Make fun of yourself .
  • Make light humour an integral part.
Number two: If you feeling anxiety due to a result of incident which might occur then:
  • First think how does result affect you.
  • device solutions around it. That way your confident on facing it making you less anxiety prone.
  • Remive the worries and think of something worst which may be the outcome of the result you are awaiting.
  • Negative end result expectation ensure mind and body are seasoned to any negative effects such as anxiety.
  • Have a win win approach so that nothing is compromised due to the deed that you did and waiting for the results of the same.

Have a happy and smiling day ahead!

May 07, 2016

5 reasons for bad relationships

Number One: You do not have patience until you process the information that you just saw. Misunderstood it and went after your partner.
Always try to read between lines, see the unseen. Only then you can lead a happy and successful life.
Number two: do not react to any situation instantaneously. Remember words and actions are irreversible. That does not mean you should treat your relationship with your partner as a business, it only means that weigh the situation and act responsibly.
Number three: often the words heard and there actual meanings would be completely different hence when you hear any harsh or painful words do not retaliate instead give yourself sometime to sink the entire situation in and reanalyse why your partner might have told it to you. You will find that in most cases it is either out of love or only for your good in future.

Number four:
Kids are the best example for a real world and they stay in the moment always. Elders are the best example of perception. Because we always live in a perceived world and never accept things as is creating complications within ourselves plus unbalancing the mood surrounding us.

Number five:
Supporting your partner in difficult times despite a push back is the golden quality needed for the current generation.
When differences occur between us we tend to push the perceived theory and argue at a higher note while the reality is more often than not completely different.
Happy relationships!!

May 06, 2016

Where do I get peace of mind?

I have been going through interesting websites which basically remind us to spend a moment for ourselves.
Most importantly ring peace into the chaotic mind.

Below site ask you to spend only two minutes closing your eyes doing nothing and only listening to the sound of waves. So soothing and feels so much more better after the experience. I recommend to to try this website!!:

The second website talks about doing he non routine stuff. If you observe carefully out everyday routine contains so many things which basically are done just to please someone else or none of us. These routines are done like a job, sort of non paying jobs we have assigned or taken up for ourselves for rest of life.
some examples include like someone's comment. Retweet things which are seriously ridiculous. Make your personal life space public by tweeting each ad every thing in your life. Post all the posts including how you dress up and how you clean your teeth on various social networking websites..
Take some time out and do something that actually helps you feel fresh. Making you feel that THIS MOMENT I owned for the first time since went public via so called social spaces online. Check the below site

May 04, 2016

Time versus money

Time is a precious jewellery which most of us do not value. The important thing to note is time should be valued even if it is not yours.
Now when we add money into this discussion, it's often seen that money takes a higher priority.
Its a very interesting discussion.

Money is simply overestimated and given too much of attention to obtain anything in life.

However, Money cannot buy anything and everything. Your true happiness cannot be valued with money. Time on the other hand is plot on which a play called 'LIFE' is enacted and doesn't receive the deserved respect.

A moment cherished is a moment lived. You live life only when you smile. All the other moments are equivalent to dead time you spent or wasted. So when you make the other person happy or make him smile out of his heart you actually helped him to be alive for that moment.

May 03, 2016

Tips for eternal happiness

Before I start let me first give an overview of the primary cause of uncomfortable feelings we experience.

When I say uncomfortable feelings it includes - Anger, sadness, pain, grief, dullness, boring, jealous, wicked, revenge etc. Some of the positive and comfortable feelings would be - Smile, pleasant, laugh, taking care, responsible, learning and teaching, happy-mind etc

Now how to eliminate the negative and uncomfortable feelings once for all with a most comfortable and short method which yields best results for small investment of time. I would suggest the following methods which I myself follow to gain the ultimate tool called - 'SELFLESSNESS'.

Selflessness makes you feel lighter and eternal. It helps you realize the purpose of YOU in this world. Trust me by following any of the below methods you would feel much relieved and find yourself happier than before.

Method 1: 

Repeated chant of religious text: There is a reason for these texts to be preserved and trusted by elders. Thus passing them to us and urging us to chant them. These chants basically build a positive fort around you when you continuously chant them for at-least an hour everyday for 10-180 days.

Greater the number of days greater the results. In this method the positiveness surrounding you will influence the other person with whom you would communicate with regardless of the distance. His thoughts and opinion along with the actions of his/her towards you would be impacted in a positive way.

Now this will eliminate slowly but surely all the caused for your worries. Making you build a strong and trust-able personality among the people you get along on a daily basis. I chant - Sri Vishnu sahasranama for this method. This is a set of 1000 names of lord Vishnu and is said to be the only mantra in Hindu religious text to have its effect even in this era.

Link to the text:  Sri Vishnu Sahasranama

Method 2:

Performing EKADASHI. As a practice you stay away from food for a day every 15 days once. That is twice a month. You would feel the selflessness imbibed in you.

Hunger is the ultimate urge stronger than Sex and Money which humans cannot control. By restricting yourself to have food for a day you gain supreme control on your mind and its waving thoughts.

This will help you in gaining selflessness and making rite decisions are rite moments in life. Getting used the cycle of no food twice a month will yield such great results that you would learn how to deal with anger, unhappiness, attraction towards filthy stuff etc in life.

May 01, 2016

What is rage or revenge

Revenge is when some spits at you:
Think for the best answer to that. Work on your answer day and night and come out of that challenge.
Revenge is:
If you are slapped, work tooth and nail achieve the success and throw a spitting answer.
Revenge is: when your dress is torn and you are pushed to fall down wake up and fight hard.
Fight to win in a way where people who spit, tore and slapped you receive a befitting reply in there life which is slaps them mentally much harder than physically.
Revenge is: keeping quiet when you are hurt. JUST KEEP QUIET. calm down yourself, focus and persist towards the goal which slaps and tears there mind and thoughts in a way that regret there entire life for the act they committed on you.
Revenge is: not thinking about the incident or act or words you heard experienced and mourning on it.
Revenge is: act hard and slow. Be continuous in your effort.
Revenge is: being persistent, focused and undeterred until achieve it.
Revenge is: not sitting idle-alone and biting nails.
Revenge is: not abandoning the person who hurt you. Instead stay or be normal.
If you do not like to be normal with that person, do not interact with that animal, chill and focus on what you need to do.

April 19, 2016

Why should I drink green tea?

Green tea mainly helps as an antioxidant (yes the same stuff found in chocolates, coffee and other beverages which when you have feel much relaxed).

Do remember caffeine is one the antioxidants and there are several antioxidants as well.

Well before I proceed let me tell what are these antioxidants. Antioxidants are basically those important natural occurring (man-made can also be found but not healthy) chemicals which prevent cell damage or slow the process. By doing this it enhances the cells life and thus new energy flows in the body.

In case of brain substances containing antioxidants acts like a magic giving a natural healing to the damaged cells (causing you headache) in the brain.

Thats the reason you love coffees, teas and cokes of the world. But again as said earlier there are man-made and naturally occurring antioxidants. Also good to health and bad to health antioxidants. Caffeine, a type of antioxidant found in coffee(large amounts) is kind of bad for health when consumed excessively.

When you consume a green tea you get the same relaxing and soothing effect as in the case of coffees, teas and cokes however the taste is not that great.

If you can pardon the taste and replace your coffees, teas and cokes appetite with 'Green tea' slowly session by session (morning, afternoon/evening). The benefits of green tea are immense. Some of the benefits of having green tea are:

1. It contains bio-active compounds that improves you overall health/
2. It helps improve you brain function/activity thus kind of making you smarter.
3. Helps in burning fat and gain higher physical performance.
4. Contains antioxidants which also lower your risks of cancer.
5. Helps in dental protection and infections to teeth.
6. Its helps you against depression, provides great skin care, prevents heart related diseases and list goes on and on.

Hence in simple words the drink of the day is 'GREEN TEA'.  

March 16, 2016

A simple PAUSE can change your world

Always remember three things which will help shape what you are and defines your personality.

Simple. Below are few character types you need to be cautious about.

1. Electric transformer Personality: Moments or people falling in this category should be dealt with utmost care (in securing your self). As any argument or even a silent interaction would lead to unwanted mess or arguments you might fall into. Generally these people are short tempered and never come to terms in there entire life. As every opportunity offered to them by God to correct themselves is thrashed out in a single word in there argument.

2. Shit-pit/Septic tank Personality: These are people who look silent but if you start a conversation you are in soup. Its like throwing a stone slab into septic tank while you are facing the mouth of the tank. You know the result what would happen in this case. Better mould yourself and your character so that your life is happier.

A simple trick to avoid controversial statements and situations:

A PAUSE: That's it!!

A simple pause during a heated argument would help your brain to cool and re-collect and avoid all the intellectual, mental and physical damage you might have had else.

Concentrate to hold yourself back to make that one little PAUSE. Trust me it helps a lot.

Advantages of a PAUSE:

1. Helps you have a peace of mind.
2. You are not a part of any ugly argument.
3. You have bought yourself extra time to think of yourself and your dreams.

March 06, 2016

How to create a donut chart on tableau

In our example we are going to use the sample data – Superstore available in tableau.

Step 1: Create a calculated field and Name it as ‘Donut’.

Step 2: Drag the Donut calculated field we created into the Rows shelf twice.

Step 3: Right click on the second instance of the field ‘Sum(Donut) shelf’ and make it a ‘Dual axis’

Step 4: Uncheck the ‘Show header’ option in the same menu once you right click on the ‘Sum(Donut) shelf’ field.

Step 5: Drag the ‘Sales’ measure into the first instance of Sum(Donut) shelf as below twice. Mark Sum(Sales) as label and color respectively and change the chart type to ‘Pie’

Step 6: Drag the ‘Sales’ Measure again into the Sum(Donut) (2) shelf as below and make it a label. Here as well change the chart type to ‘Pie’ as below.

Step 7: Now go back to Sum(Donut) shelf and adjust the size of the pie as below. Along with the color palette you would like to use.

Step 8: Similarly adjust the size of the Sum(Donut) (2) shelf as well. This would act as the mid-portion of the donut hence color it white with the overall number displayed at the mid of the Donut.

Step 9: Drag the corners of the chart to adjust the view of the chart as below.

Step 10: Drag the ‘Category’ field into the ‘Sum(Donut) shelf’ shelf and see the magic.(You can choose any field based on the type view you would like to see). Change the ‘Category’ field to color so that you can see the category names on the Donut chart. Drag another instance of ‘Category’ to ‘Sum(Donut) shelf’ and make it color as below.

Step 11: Now this is an overall donut chart for sales category by sales. If you would like to see a further split. Drag and drop the field by which you want to split the donut into multiple donuts. In this example we have put the ‘Region’ column into Column shelf and the results look as below.

Hopefully you have enjoyed creating Donut chart in tableau and implemented within you reporting environment.


March 05, 2016

Why should we sleep

Sleep can cure diseases

In the Modern age sleep is something which is compromised the most by the working population. Proper sleep can bring unknown benefits to one's life and health surprisingly. Sound sleep can give the brain to recycle and eliminate bad or unwanted thoughts. Service itself and get ready for new beginning once you are back to conscious.

When it comes to health benefits it is not restricted to the brain itself but to the entire human body. The nervous system, heart and hence the blood get a chance to refresh and revitalise themselves. This process makes a person feel fresh when he wakes up from a sound sleep. Basically, when ur whole body is at rest it easier for each organ and hence the brain to focus on any repairs or servicing activity on that organ.

It is important to eat less and atleast three hours before you go to bed. The digestive system continues to work hard if you sleep rite after you had food, leaving you with less satisfied sleep.

Dreams - a part of everyone's sleep can inspire or motivate you. Dreams are mostly a package of incidents that you either thought or experienced prior day or in recent past before dream occurred. Some dreams may be the source for your next big success. Hence dreams induces confidence, motivation and hence to extent new ideas that can totally transform a person's life.


March 04, 2016

Concept of god in hinduism

It's not a random subject when millions of people are following a specific religion or deity.
Our ancestors made sure that this entire concept of having an accountability towards a invisible supreme power would make sure all the generations after theirs would not deviate from the disciplinary practices they laid down. Hence the mankind would then flourish without any hindrances and serious hurdles like following:

I.      Hatred: people fighting for some loss they incurred due to the other person.
II.    Selfishness: always wanting more than achieved in wrong areas of life.
III.   Cunning: using the unlawful routes to achieve success.

I hope people would look these foundations laid my our ancestors in a more positive manner and follow them religiously. Rather than enforcing the learning and belief for one's enlightenment it should be a 'by choice' decision by any individual.

Happy and prosperous life to all!

Prashanth Nagar - Raghavendra Swami temple

May Sri Raghavendra swami bless all the mankind with prosperity in these difficult times.

Lastly we are part that human race we need the people to answer the questions that we don't have answers for.

March 03, 2016

Lost Job and looking for a job? Here are few tips

Some life tips on how to deal with difficult times when it comes to losing your only earning mode.

1. Firstly, when you know that you are going to lose your Job from your employer, DO NOT PANIC.

  • Relax. Think about the possible consequences. - Take 2 to 3 days of time for this.
  • Discuss with your family or friends to identify additional consequences on there lives.
  • Prioritize the most destructive consequence. - Again 1 to 2 days of time.
  • Start building a solution to these in order. - This would require a week's time to manage a sustainable solution.

2. Once you have followed the above steps and have come up with a prospective solution, IT's TIME FOR ACTION.

3. You might have to face some headwinds while implementing the solution but do not be depressed. Instead be brave and take one step at a time and never lose sight of the destiny.

4. On a parallel note this situation you are dealing with will also teach the corrective steps so that you never encounter this situation again in Life.

  • Create a emergency fund (minimum two months of earnings a limit)
  • Be more social and try to proactive in identifying the brewing trouble in your workplace - Be it because of your own deeds or Organizations performance.
  • Never hesitate to be a humble person. Success comes to you rather you searching for it.
  • Be up-to-date on the financial performance of the organization and never miss any company wide meetings or critical meetings with your manager.
  • Pay attention to what your peers are talking about and only listen to stuff that matters to you which are genuine as well. There are lot of nitty gritty things that get discussed during peer talks.
  • Always keep an eye on the  Job market trend while not losing sight on your Job responsibility with 100% effort.
Some useful sites for job search sites:

Hopefully some of the above tips will  help you in the career. Keep checking back for updates on this blog. Thanks for visiting. See you again.