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May 01, 2016

What is rage or revenge

Revenge is when some spits at you:
Think for the best answer to that. Work on your answer day and night and come out of that challenge.
Revenge is:
If you are slapped, work tooth and nail achieve the success and throw a spitting answer.
Revenge is: when your dress is torn and you are pushed to fall down wake up and fight hard.
Fight to win in a way where people who spit, tore and slapped you receive a befitting reply in there life which is slaps them mentally much harder than physically.
Revenge is: keeping quiet when you are hurt. JUST KEEP QUIET. calm down yourself, focus and persist towards the goal which slaps and tears there mind and thoughts in a way that regret there entire life for the act they committed on you.
Revenge is: not thinking about the incident or act or words you heard experienced and mourning on it.
Revenge is: act hard and slow. Be continuous in your effort.
Revenge is: being persistent, focused and undeterred until achieve it.
Revenge is: not sitting idle-alone and biting nails.
Revenge is: not abandoning the person who hurt you. Instead stay or be normal.
If you do not like to be normal with that person, do not interact with that animal, chill and focus on what you need to do.

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