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April 19, 2016

Why should I drink green tea?

Green tea mainly helps as an antioxidant (yes the same stuff found in chocolates, coffee and other beverages which when you have feel much relaxed).

Do remember caffeine is one the antioxidants and there are several antioxidants as well.

Well before I proceed let me tell what are these antioxidants. Antioxidants are basically those important natural occurring (man-made can also be found but not healthy) chemicals which prevent cell damage or slow the process. By doing this it enhances the cells life and thus new energy flows in the body.

In case of brain substances containing antioxidants acts like a magic giving a natural healing to the damaged cells (causing you headache) in the brain.

Thats the reason you love coffees, teas and cokes of the world. But again as said earlier there are man-made and naturally occurring antioxidants. Also good to health and bad to health antioxidants. Caffeine, a type of antioxidant found in coffee(large amounts) is kind of bad for health when consumed excessively.

When you consume a green tea you get the same relaxing and soothing effect as in the case of coffees, teas and cokes however the taste is not that great.

If you can pardon the taste and replace your coffees, teas and cokes appetite with 'Green tea' slowly session by session (morning, afternoon/evening). The benefits of green tea are immense. Some of the benefits of having green tea are:

1. It contains bio-active compounds that improves you overall health/
2. It helps improve you brain function/activity thus kind of making you smarter.
3. Helps in burning fat and gain higher physical performance.
4. Contains antioxidants which also lower your risks of cancer.
5. Helps in dental protection and infections to teeth.
6. Its helps you against depression, provides great skin care, prevents heart related diseases and list goes on and on.

Hence in simple words the drink of the day is 'GREEN TEA'.  

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