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May 03, 2016

Tips for eternal happiness

Before I start let me first give an overview of the primary cause of uncomfortable feelings we experience.

When I say uncomfortable feelings it includes - Anger, sadness, pain, grief, dullness, boring, jealous, wicked, revenge etc. Some of the positive and comfortable feelings would be - Smile, pleasant, laugh, taking care, responsible, learning and teaching, happy-mind etc

Now how to eliminate the negative and uncomfortable feelings once for all with a most comfortable and short method which yields best results for small investment of time. I would suggest the following methods which I myself follow to gain the ultimate tool called - 'SELFLESSNESS'.

Selflessness makes you feel lighter and eternal. It helps you realize the purpose of YOU in this world. Trust me by following any of the below methods you would feel much relieved and find yourself happier than before.

Method 1: 

Repeated chant of religious text: There is a reason for these texts to be preserved and trusted by elders. Thus passing them to us and urging us to chant them. These chants basically build a positive fort around you when you continuously chant them for at-least an hour everyday for 10-180 days.

Greater the number of days greater the results. In this method the positiveness surrounding you will influence the other person with whom you would communicate with regardless of the distance. His thoughts and opinion along with the actions of his/her towards you would be impacted in a positive way.

Now this will eliminate slowly but surely all the caused for your worries. Making you build a strong and trust-able personality among the people you get along on a daily basis. I chant - Sri Vishnu sahasranama for this method. This is a set of 1000 names of lord Vishnu and is said to be the only mantra in Hindu religious text to have its effect even in this era.

Link to the text:  Sri Vishnu Sahasranama

Method 2:

Performing EKADASHI. As a practice you stay away from food for a day every 15 days once. That is twice a month. You would feel the selflessness imbibed in you.

Hunger is the ultimate urge stronger than Sex and Money which humans cannot control. By restricting yourself to have food for a day you gain supreme control on your mind and its waving thoughts.

This will help you in gaining selflessness and making rite decisions are rite moments in life. Getting used the cycle of no food twice a month will yield such great results that you would learn how to deal with anger, unhappiness, attraction towards filthy stuff etc in life.

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