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May 04, 2016

Time versus money

Time is a precious jewellery which most of us do not value. The important thing to note is time should be valued even if it is not yours.
Now when we add money into this discussion, it's often seen that money takes a higher priority.
Its a very interesting discussion.

Money is simply overestimated and given too much of attention to obtain anything in life.

However, Money cannot buy anything and everything. Your true happiness cannot be valued with money. Time on the other hand is plot on which a play called 'LIFE' is enacted and doesn't receive the deserved respect.

A moment cherished is a moment lived. You live life only when you smile. All the other moments are equivalent to dead time you spent or wasted. So when you make the other person happy or make him smile out of his heart you actually helped him to be alive for that moment.

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