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May 06, 2016

Where do I get peace of mind?

I have been going through interesting websites which basically remind us to spend a moment for ourselves.
Most importantly ring peace into the chaotic mind.

Below site ask you to spend only two minutes closing your eyes doing nothing and only listening to the sound of waves. So soothing and feels so much more better after the experience. I recommend to to try this website!!:

The second website talks about doing he non routine stuff. If you observe carefully out everyday routine contains so many things which basically are done just to please someone else or none of us. These routines are done like a job, sort of non paying jobs we have assigned or taken up for ourselves for rest of life.
some examples include like someone's comment. Retweet things which are seriously ridiculous. Make your personal life space public by tweeting each ad every thing in your life. Post all the posts including how you dress up and how you clean your teeth on various social networking websites..
Take some time out and do something that actually helps you feel fresh. Making you feel that THIS MOMENT I owned for the first time since went public via so called social spaces online. Check the below site

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