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May 07, 2016

5 reasons for bad relationships

Number One: You do not have patience until you process the information that you just saw. Misunderstood it and went after your partner.
Always try to read between lines, see the unseen. Only then you can lead a happy and successful life.
Number two: do not react to any situation instantaneously. Remember words and actions are irreversible. That does not mean you should treat your relationship with your partner as a business, it only means that weigh the situation and act responsibly.
Number three: often the words heard and there actual meanings would be completely different hence when you hear any harsh or painful words do not retaliate instead give yourself sometime to sink the entire situation in and reanalyse why your partner might have told it to you. You will find that in most cases it is either out of love or only for your good in future.

Number four:
Kids are the best example for a real world and they stay in the moment always. Elders are the best example of perception. Because we always live in a perceived world and never accept things as is creating complications within ourselves plus unbalancing the mood surrounding us.

Number five:
Supporting your partner in difficult times despite a push back is the golden quality needed for the current generation.
When differences occur between us we tend to push the perceived theory and argue at a higher note while the reality is more often than not completely different.
Happy relationships!!

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