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May 08, 2016

Top ways to handle anxiety: how it affects

When you face something unusual and face many people or when you are awaiting a result ANXIETY takes you over. Anxiety can be overcome by following ways:
Number one: If you feeling anxiety as you enter a stage to face audience then:
  • Start the talk with interactive session, question the audience. Involve them in your talk. 
  • Create a task based approach.
  • Make fun of yourself .
  • Make light humour an integral part.
Number two: If you feeling anxiety due to a result of incident which might occur then:
  • First think how does result affect you.
  • device solutions around it. That way your confident on facing it making you less anxiety prone.
  • Remive the worries and think of something worst which may be the outcome of the result you are awaiting.
  • Negative end result expectation ensure mind and body are seasoned to any negative effects such as anxiety.
  • Have a win win approach so that nothing is compromised due to the deed that you did and waiting for the results of the same.

Have a happy and smiling day ahead!

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