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May 11, 2016

Methods of identifying mental illness yourself

A combination of factors may help identify if you are a victim of mental illness. In many cases mental illness is never identified and hence not diagnosed.

The person will have terrible moments if this is the case. Some of the patterns you can go through your own life can help you find the illness.

  • You are not happy with life, most of the times in past 6 to 10 months.
  • You are having mood swings very often.
  • People (and not only people close to you) are having difficult times to sync with you in many situations.
  • Your actions are not matching instructions.
  • You are losing presence of mind very often.
  • You feel life is sick. (Symptoms of depression)
  • You help to someone is not appreciated and you are becoming more and more hungry for people to always talk about yourself.
  • You love staying alone always
  • You do not like to participate in any discussion.
  • You love to live a lonely life.
  • You run away from all social media and prefer being invisible in all modes of life to the external world.
  • You tend to think more about even the most smallest incident where some one told something to some one else.
  • An tiny insult (even though it is done with a fun element and only in front of your closest people in life) is also detrimental and you hate this like hell.
  • You cry alone often
  • You start speaking to yourself (mostly scolding the person who insulted you), scolding that person.

Some of the above may seem perfectly normal but if you find a pattern in any of these try to rectify it as it will cause irreversible damage to the mind's health.

Take care buddy!

I can be of help if you feel lonely. Because even i have had a sick mind causing me to go to depression multiple times. Due to many events in my life. I understand what is loneliness. How we tend to love loneliness and how we rejoice being alone. But the truth is it is bad and really bad.

You can contact me on below ID buddy whenever and wherever. Hopefully I can be of some help to you!


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