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May 12, 2016

Ten tips to reclaim your lost life

Done and dusted with your life? Lost hope and feel it's not going to be the same again?
GET UP!! It's time to recycle thoughts, regenerate ideas, rejuvenate your body and thinking and reclaim your life.

 Few are the must follows to click on the restart/refresh  button of your life.

- Have ample sleep (at least 8 hours) no matter what comes.
- Prioritize yourself against everything in life (break the ice and make your health/happiness the only thing important in life).
- Set one target and a deadline and work on it like it is the last day of your life.
- Help atleast one person everyday.
- Make one person smile everyday.
- Share your food with your friend or your room mate.
- Change your lifestyle:
  • Getup early.
  • List your day's tasks before you start your work.
  • Delete/De-activate your Facebook account.
  • Put phone on do not disturb mode for 4 hours daily (increase the time by 10 mins everyday thereafter).
  • Talk to you colleagues/friends (not message them).
  • Remember if you are reading this post you are already part of the top 20-30% people of the world who are living a comfortable life.
  • Learn to be selfless
  • Eliminate bad thoughts/negative thoughts for peace of mind
  • You are here for a purpose.
  • You life is beautiful, do not let others to take control of it via your mind (avoid think loops - mind starts thinking about unnecessary stuff when it is lacking productive/constructive thoughts)
- Remember you are not alone.

Keep smiling.


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