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May 16, 2016

Exam results announced - 2016

After all the anxious moments for days the SSLC students from Karnataka can have a relieved moment.

Currently the site does not look like it is overloaded. Good job to the SSLC board for announcing the results hazzle free on there site. Which in general was a tedious job with painful hours for the students to wait for the results page to load on the site.

Looks like the girls have again topped in terms of pass percentage this year as well(2016) as it has been always in Karnataka.

The next result awaited is the PUC results which should be announced by end of may.

Along with the SSLC results in Karnataka there has another set of students waiting for there RBSE 12th grade results in Rajasthan.

All the best to all the students awaiting there results!


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