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May 16, 2016

Three short steps to think positively

Today lets talk about thinking positively. Oh Wait!! Not only thinking positively but talking and understanding positively as well.
Its suggested thoughts change our actions. It's true in most cases but we deviate from thoughts during act due to various external momentary stimuli.

So how to practice to go in positive direction for all three (Thinking, talking and understanding)?
Its pretty simple, follow some of the basic listed below and you should be on your way to a more constructive behavior and hence enhanced lifestyle.
  1. When you think positively it influences your mind to do good things but why do we do the opposite? It is important to cling on to the precious positive thought long enough until you an action results due to that thought.
  2. When you say something try to match it with what you thought ( this is a very important step assuming your thoughts are sorted to think on positive direction). If your actions or words are not matching with your thoughts then stop there. Review and speak or act as you thought.
  3. The third aspect of positivism is understanding things positively. Due to lack of this positivism most of the relationships are in scatters and ruined. As I have already talked about perception and reality in my previous posts I would request you to refer the same here . But to give a small brief on the same the very interpretation of a feeling or observation makes a lot difference.
If the initial feeling or observation itself is born on a negative plot then you need to work on the 1st step listed in this article more. Once you learn the 1st step you will feel the difference in he way you approach everything in life.
In most cases these are the three steps that differentiates successful or happy and satisfied people with the rest of them.

happy positive thinking!
see yeah.

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