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May 16, 2016

Football in India - UEFA EURO 2016

While casually browsing on the twitter. I was looking at the UEFA Euro 2016 feeds. Thoughts ran through the mind why doesn't football play a important role in the Indian sub-continent.

Yes, off late there has been some public private partnerships to host premier league tournaments in India as well but not of a big success. Also indian players did not get the required attention required.

Indian Super League constituted mostly of foreign nationals with sprinkles of Indian players. The basic DNA of Indian kids lies in the game of cricket where the kids grow in an environment which mostly idolizes every Indian cricket player and the kids are not exposed to any other kind of sports.

Being a predominantly middle class society it is hard to see a football champion team rising out of India anytime in the near future.

I wish all the football players and enthusiasts a best of luck for there next season in 2016.

Below is the UEFA EURO 2016 fixtures:


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