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May 16, 2016

Four ways to avoid confused state of mind

Ever thought how do a person with a chaotic and tristate mind would be like.

Its when you see people calling somebody "absent minded" are the same people who suffer from this kind of mental state. I would not prefer calling it as illness as they as well are human beings and the moment we say ill, that person is thrown out of main stream society.

So what should a person going through confused state do to come out of it?

  • Well I would say stop doing whatever you are doing rite now. Concentrate on your body. Think of you mind as a garbage can and your job is to empty it. Mentally List down all the thoughts that just ran in your mind. Which are blocking you from arriving at a logical end. 
  • Now weight these in order of how severe they have an impact on your life. Once this done you should be having a shorter list.
  • Slowly close your eyes and meditate with utmost concentration on any object of your choice. Concentrate on your breathe for about 200 inhales and exhales. Now open your eyes. From those shortlisted items you should be finding a solution for each of them.
  • Do the above exercise everyday no matter what comes. In about 10 -15 days you should start seeing the benefits and your mind would slowly start De-cluttering.

wish you a happy and clean mind!

keep smiling

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