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May 22, 2016

Speaking out cures everything

Today lets talk about talking itself. The importance of talking and the way it cures some of the misspelt thoughts. Generate ideas for life and hence pull you out of depression .
Most often than not people advise to listen more than talk. It's true to certain extent as well but over doing it can kill you and your character. Hence talk when some thing arising in your mind and you want people around you to know.
Talking is like nuclear fission in a controlled fashion. When you accumulate lot of emotions and ideas within yourself for long time then all of this starts getting boiled in your mind.
Having these in mind will result in depression, unnecessary aggression and you tend to go alone in life.
On a good sunny day if someone punches these emotions boiling in minds. It would be come out at once via you shouting at that person and this process is called "Anger".
Hence, talking sensibly and most importantly do not stop talking.
happy talking and smiling

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