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July 01, 2017

Alone in life!

Life looks a lonely place at times when you have deal with all the hurdles yourselves without a family around you. Instead you are the support pillar on whom the entire relies on.

Holding a moment of extreme emotion wil save the day any time.

I am tired! Yes I am tired of emotions and thoughts that look like a endless stream never subsiding or reaching a bigger picture.

Its exhausting to deal with mental, physical and emotional stress when all of them occur at the same time!!

yes at the same time!!

Good night!!

June 26, 2017

Emotions: Self control within oneself

Often in life we lose control for a very few nano seconds and repent for next few hours or worst rest of the life!!

Basis my experience I would love to give a piece of advise to everyone reading this post rite now..

  • Hold onto your ego at all times
  • Hold onto your anger and temper more often than not.
  • Make a calculated response often.
  • Give a certain % of wait to the opposite person's values while talking to them.
  • Smile always!! Even if you are hurt or depressed or sad what-so-ever.

Have a great week ahead!!