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May 27, 2016

How to not let disappointment pile up

In life we face lot of situations where things would not happen according to what we anticipated or worked hard for.

When this happens we get disappointed. Human mind is a very beautiful place, consider disappointment as source of waste. Now would dirty a beautiful place called mind with a waste called disappointment?

The answer should be know if you want to be a peace loving healthy minded person. Now imagine you did not clean your mind and left the dirt as is. What happens over time?

The dirt would pile up. Naturally it rotten (spoil your thoughts) and hence start decomposing (your behaviour is affected in a negative manner)

So how to clean this diet called disappointment? I would say throw (speak out or work hard to achieve success)

Opening up yourself helps a lot in cleaning the mind. It also helps others understand you better and act accordingly.

If the disappointment is due to failure in achieving something then focus on working harder plus smarter in realising your dreams or goals.

But if disappointment is because a person then never keep it within you. It would lead to higher levels of emotional stress like depression and anger towards that person. This may be very bad allowing you to think in ways that defies your basic or original personality.

Be happy and try to bring smile on atleast one person's face everyday.


May 24, 2016

Ten tips to Handle Mental blankness

When you go through severe mental stress or extreme emotions mind reaches a state which is undefinable. During such a state the very min which defines things is in a undefined state.
Some ways to handle mental blankness are below:
1. Do not move your body.
2. Sit down and sit idle.
3. Do not Lydown.
4. If possible don't stop speaking only the conversation was a pleasant discussing.
5. If in mid of a heated argument do not speak.
6. Mind will obviously not be in a state to take decision, hence this point is given. But still do not take any critical decisions that may or may not affect you physically.
7. If water is within reachable distance have some.
8. Remember this state is temporary and you are not reaching a state of death.
9. Counselling yourself saying this helpless and hopeless state is not going to continue for Long is very important.
10. Every difficult situation or argument has a purpose and it is defined that way. Hence relax slowly and accept certain walks in life as is. This avoids thought collision leading to mental blankness.
keep smiling!

May 22, 2016

Speaking out cures everything

Today lets talk about talking itself. The importance of talking and the way it cures some of the misspelt thoughts. Generate ideas for life and hence pull you out of depression .
Most often than not people advise to listen more than talk. It's true to certain extent as well but over doing it can kill you and your character. Hence talk when some thing arising in your mind and you want people around you to know.
Talking is like nuclear fission in a controlled fashion. When you accumulate lot of emotions and ideas within yourself for long time then all of this starts getting boiled in your mind.
Having these in mind will result in depression, unnecessary aggression and you tend to go alone in life.
On a good sunny day if someone punches these emotions boiling in minds. It would be come out at once via you shouting at that person and this process is called "Anger".
Hence, talking sensibly and most importantly do not stop talking.
happy talking and smiling