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April 17, 2017

Short thoughts - moments of small activity

Human brain makes about trillion calculations per understanding/comprehension of a individual on an average

What would think when you are thinking the most basic things in life. I am talking about the absolutely basic stuff like drinking water, relieving yourself in restroom, wearing your clothes etc. These are moments you do your planning for the next hour or couple hours.

If this tiny space isn't utilised productively you end up being a loser, lazy etc

In life we always think of big things and huge plans to achieve these big things. But we always forget the importance of these small moments which makeup almost everything in our day.

Utilize these moments to plan something like completing some long pending personal stuff. Or play with you kid. Take a oath not think of office at home etc.

happy week guys!!

April 16, 2017

Maturity - Different scales for each individual

Maturity is the most difficult thing to understand to measure a person's thoughts

Everytime you speak to anyone you try to see were we stand and were the opposite person stands in terms of comprehension. This requires us to calculate or consider lot of things before conclusion, like knowing the background, environment and education he or she was bought up. Again the list goes on and on..

We try to do all the above to gauge the maturity level and hence decide whether he or she will get along well with us in he course of conversation to follow.

Maturity is unique and is very subjective most of the cases. A social maturity supersedes all the other types of maturity. A person mature in dealing with accounts or money may not be that good in handling relationships. But a person who is mature enough to handle all social circumstances can still give it a shot in handling accounts or relationships, though not 100 % perfect but rest assured that this person will not make blunders.

So be mature and comprehensive enough to handle all tough scenarios in life. Social maturity is very important guys..