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June 24, 2017

Science: Sharpness inversely proportional to level of detail

Imagine if you are asked to sharpen a knife to the max.. How long would you do?
Until you feel it is sharp enough to cut anything soft or moderately hard with ease. rite?

Now imagine to zoom to 10000 times and stare at the sharpened edge of the knife!!

You barely see the knife edge as a threat as the edge looks very blunt at such zoom levels and thats the reason it is very difficult to cut anything to tiny even with the sharpest of weapons you find out there.

All of above was a quick thought which ran in mind while i was travelling to office in Metro Bangalore.

Strange it seems the idea but true it is on the ground!

This idea if applied to the scenarios we face in life. However sharp is the comment or however the sharp/big is the difficulty if you look through a magnifying glass it should not bother you. :)

Happy weekend! Have a blast.