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July 08, 2014

Top Five ways of Anger Management

Anger is one emotion that can destroy everything. I mean everything!

But similar to the nuclear fission reaction. a controlled release of anger has enormous potential to make wonders with respect to the way you understand, interpret and implement your life.

Often every individual encounters moments which causes the release of huge amount of energy in there body due various positive and negative reasons. One of the negative reason being the "Anger".

This energy needs to be captured and a controlled release should be mastered by following ways to master certain aspects of life.

1. When you reach a peak moment of displaying your anger, start counting the numbers in reverse order .... 10........9.......8.....7...6....5...4....3....2...1....0 slowly.

2. Go away from the scene or stay alone for at-least 30 minutes and do not think of anything except the very thing that made you angry.

3. Have a pre-imagined icon, principle, roll-model of whom or of which can focus/divert your concentration on when in anger.

4. Remember your business is not think and worry and get angry about other people's views. Its non of your business. You are the owner of your mind and thought better spend time nurturing and developing them rather getting upset about some one else's views about you which in no way would affect your way of life.