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August 04, 2013

What's new in Android 4.3

As you know Google released Android 4.3 along with their newest and beautiful tab New Nexus 7. Lets go through some of the new features that have been included in the new OS.

New always on WiFi feature.
This feature is hidden in the settings menu which would allow the phone to scan for nearby WiFi networks even if the WiFi setting is set to off. You would need to enter the options menu once you enter the WiFi section under settings to disable the "Always scan WiFi network" option.

Android Wi-Fi Scanning
Restricted Profiles
This feature is basically for have constraints on the on individual user profiles so that better control can be achieved by the device owner on multiple user profiles and can also be used to have you kids use your tablet without you worrying about the tablet.

Better notification support
With the new OS developers can use the 'notification listener' service to provide better notification with interaction in notification drawer itself for there apps given that the user allows the app to display notifications.

Apart from the software changes the 'Bluetooth smart ready' support and Better graphic support with OpenGL ES 3.0 have been added on the hardware side.

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