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April 28, 2014

Best Security/Antivirus Apps download for Android 2014

In the growing Android age along with the comfort of the luxury and flexibility that android OS and its applications provide we also needed to look at securing the data that flows between you android device and the external world. Virus/Trojan/malware/worms can infect your smartphone not only if you are connected to the internet but they are for sure to enter even if you have a simple Bluetooth connection on without even pairing with any device. So i hope you understand the practicality of the issue here.

When I say security for smartphones I would like to make a small clarification here. If you are a novice user and do not use you smartphone extensively then you are relatively still fine to do away without the need of a security app. But the owners of the most expensive and most dependent owners of smartphone need to take that extra precaution.

Security app essentially doesn't mean that it only provides the basic protection against the code written with ill-intent in mind. But also provide the user to comprehensively live with his smartphone in the event of device lose or complete data lose.

To list down:

- Data loss protection/Data backup/Contacts data backup
- Tracking loss phone mechanism
- Protection against virus/malware/spyware/Trojan etc
- Firewall protection
- Anti-phishing feature
- Spam filter
- Unknown caller detector
- Power saver
- Intelligent assistant
- Advanced data encryption

Now lets see some of the apps that are best and would fulfill these requirements.

1. AVG antivirus
2. Avast Antivirus
3. CM (Clean Master) security.
4. Lookout security.
5. Malwarebytes Anti-malware

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