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May 07, 2014

Top 5 things for instant Happiness!

Here you go the list of things that if followed diligently should create a smile on your face.

Before starting to read sit calmly on a firm surface.

Number One, Stabilize:
Close you eyes and delete all the thoughts your mind is trying to cruise through. Switch off mind for sometime. Just focus on current moment.

Number Two, You and yourself:
All the events that have occured till now in your life is non of you business and you have taken an oath that all the events from this moment on would be your responsibility. What others think about should not affect you.

Number Three, Big LIFE!:
No one is born tough, you have beautiful life ahead (even if your age is more than 90 years :)). Plan and enjoy every moment. You do not own all the problems in the world. Time will heal everything. So have patience. Smile before you speak to anyone.

Number Four, Current moment:
If at all you think of anything past you are only re-calling the joyous moments and something annoying comes up hit yourself and tell for yourself "let me be myself and I do not bother what happened in someone else's life"

Number Five, Engage:
Spend time doing the most interesting or the most loved thing you would life to do. Interact with dear ones. If you have not spoken to someone for long time send a message. Start a conversation. Keep it going.

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