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June 09, 2017

The myth called - "Fear of God"

I have born in a Hindu family in India. I have seen, taught and made to believe in the "fear of God" mindset.

As as when I grew up and matured. Critical questions of 1. Why should I fear God? 2. Why did our ancestors seed this thought to there future generations started arising in me.

I am writing this arcticle to alienate some of logical reasoning on this mindset.

1. Why did our ancestors sees this thought?

  • They firmly believed there needs to be something that acts as a control source to guide the wandering human mind so that doesn't indulge in activities which becomes a reason for its own destruction and how to achieve this? The answer is in the title of this arcticle.
  • The chants why are they done? Few sounds of repeated would make sure the atmosphere/environment around would warm up and postive vibration is built this any negativity be it far or near will never affect the source.

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