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July 14, 2017

India - China - Border Standoff - Whats at stake for each side?

Significance of the area in dispute - what's at stake for India:

You might have read about the ongoing the India China Border Standoff near the Doko la in Sikkim since over a month. This region is strategically important for India as it overlooks the "chickens area neck" which connects the Eastern states with the Indian Mainland. If China is able to annex the Doko la region it would be that China can have a hawk of Indian troop movements and civilian movements as well.

Even though the region under dispute is not earmarked as Indian territory it is still an area o contention as the countries, India, China and Bhutan have a treaty signed to maintain status quo in the area without altering its geographical texture.

India is also bound to help Bhutan as part Bilateral security arrangement India has with Bhutan. According this is arrangement the said countries would help each other whenever is a risk to each other's sovereignty.

Whats are stake for China?

China has nothing to lose if a war doesn't break out. If India backs off acceding the territory to China then China stands to gain a lot in this standoff. However, if India continues to hold on to its position and becomes reluctant. Then China has to think on multiple fronts before going offensive on India as China is currently in crosshair in international Diplomacy as it is dealing with the North Korean crisis and south china sea dispute.

China, being a mature nation and huge economy which has off late slowed down would not risk of getting cornered internationally.

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