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July 26, 2017

Patience: How to succeed in life?

When you are sitting idle and thinking about how God had made things work on earth.

His brilliant skills of interconnecting each incident with reason might baffled you. And... Also would have a raised a question within you that...

How do I succeed in life?

why does success seem a distant object always?

Do not worry these kind of thoughts run in my mind as well. But then one tool rather treasure which I was able to find, Polish and nurture was Patience. Once you get hold of this silent weapon you are firmly on drivers seat to taste success in life.

How do you know you have enough patience to reap benefits of your hardwork?

You realise that you enough patience, when you are not thinking of success anymore and more concentrated on enjoying the current moment!

Thats the yardstick which will tell you that you are there to live on Earth for long..

Have a great evening guys!!

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