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August 01, 2017

Some tips for how to be happy in life.

Ever wonder the percentage of time you spend repenting or worrying about something in life?

Its over 90% of our we spend on useless thoughts or destructive thoughts or worried thoughts. We spend very little time happily.

Most important quality or practice to be happy or to stay in happy state is "selflessness and gratitude". If you are able to master these two qualities, you have half won the battle with your mind.

Stop wearing the watch! YES I am serious. If you carefully observe half of your worries are about meeting a deadline or reaching somewhere ontime etc. If you are able to cut down on the repeated time tracking you will achieve you goal much earlier and on time even without a clock on you hand.

I have read this line somewhere:

What others think about you is non of your business

This is a golden to be printed on your mind.

What he or she thinks doesn't matter as long as you know you are on correct path. Do not mistake the above sentence and decide to not take advice from others. Taking help or advice is different from guessing opinion for others about you.

Stay happy! Keep chilling! Always smile.

Have a good day.

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