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September 04, 2017

State of mind: When in difficulty and depression

What happens when you are hit with worst patch of difficulty in life with regards to funds and also in depression due to past events in life?

This is state of mind is cruel oneself and leads to failure more often. We need to focus on the task and pray for some luck while not letting our hardwork ease.

Yes. What if true situation is 100% unsolvable? In this case the first thing you need to remember is nothing is unsolvable, there is a key for every lock. It's only matter of time before you find it. Patience helps you win and trust helps you focussed.

Wear a smile and put 1000% effort and you will come out successful. In life what goes around comes around as well. Always wish good for others. Help others and do not think ill of others. You simply do not know the character or personality of the other person.

Have a great week ahead guys!!

Good morning.

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