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November 26, 2017

Choices of elderly people spoiling younger

Good morning guys! Today I am talking about how younger generation gets spoiled or exploited due to whims and fancies of so called elderly people.

More often than not just because of this elderly person in the family who is the decision maker manor aspirations and hence the path of life is destroyed for the young ones in the family.

Unless or until the elderly person is broad minded and open to ideas the young ones in the family are destined to be destroyed in the process of obeying the instructions from the 'most matured' person in the family.

If the young one defies the order his life is manually spoiled else if e obeys instructions and implements them in life he is automatically spoiled.

My suggestion to the younger generation is you are in the digital age and you have access to lot more information than your parents had. Listen to them and follow their advise based on your consensus only if you feel it is rite else question the instruction and follow your own path.

Do not be a sheep herd. Where just because some people are following the elderly people you have to. No never do that!

Have a good Sunday!

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