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March 09, 2018

Tips for preparing to travel safely

All of us like to travel. But most of us lack the idea of preparation. If you are a occasional traveler. Then you might want to go through some of the below pointers.

Plan you travel at least 3 months in advance if the travel is for a week duration.

Prioritize essentials and list them down which would be taken along with you.Medicines, fall-back food items like chocolates, torch, basic clothing and foot wear. Any other packing can happen on top of these.

Do some homework on the place you are visiting the weather conditions, what is popular buy there and which are the good travel spots you can visit there. But do not limit your choices to only these.

Organize your itinerary. Know your exact period of travel at least 2 months prior to the date and book your tickets/car/hotel stay accordingly.

Confirm and make sure that all the bookings are in place. Read and understand the terms and conditions thoroughly as you do not want to be in surprise once you reach.

Share your contact with your dear ones and let them know of your travel plan clearly in advance.

Hope that was helpful.

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