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May 13, 2014

Curriculum Vitae or CV writing - 5 must includes

CV is a written format of oneself. Hence you should be very careful in what you are projecting about yourself. Your CV would stand as an instrument to reach to the recruiters and also serve as tool to keep track of your career.

I am here trying to bring out some of the most important areas that needs more focus and should be making an appearance on your CV in one form or other.

1. Your Objective:

Though some feel this obsolete. I would give it weight-age as it would give a high level picture of your personality. If the recruiter is a professional enough he would never miss a read for this section.

While writing you objective make sure you summarize your way of life and work.

For example: If you are a bold person who likes to take risks and have tasted success that way then... "Sharp focused, result oriented and go-get attitude towards the responsibility I undertake" would make more sense.

2. Your Hobbies:

Another section which is ignored always. Hobbies would give some insights to the personal life attitude of yourself. The recruiter would try to connect all of these sections in your CV to create a complete mental understanding of the candidate.

Hence enter activities/things under "Hobbies" which you are passionate and love doing in you life.

3. Roles and responsibilities:

Often I have seen resumes with 4 + pages with lengthy job responsibilities section for each prior jobs. I would strongly suggest to keep two things in mind while entering your previous employment details:

a. Keep it short, meaning keep each of the responsibility points short so that it would give you an opportunity to speak about them.
b. Only enter those responsibility pointers which make sense and are more meaningful.

4. Add a picture of yourself:

Adding a picture of yourself would be an extra detail which is lacks in most of the profiles. This gives an initial impression about the candidate to the recruiter.

5. Not to exceed two pages:

Always try to make sure that your Curriculum Vitae/CV as whole would not exceed two or maximum three pages. The recruiters interested dies if he sees a unreasonably long CV with huge amount of text in each sheet. He might not go through all of the details provided and may lose interest in you candidature. Hence keep it short and crisp.

Give yourself a chance to speak and paint picture verbally during the interview rather than trying to paint the whole career story in five pager CV

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