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May 16, 2014

Review for Narendra Modi: The Prime Minister of India!

The election results in India have been more than the expectations probably what BJP had as no had expected the BJP to cross 272 mark single handedly.

The general presumption was that NDA in its entirety would achieve simple majority. But the numbers coming up are showing a BJP standalone "seriously stable government" at the center in India. Which of-course is huge news comes with lots of happiness and questions on what strategies would Modi adopt in cleaning up the existing financial mess. The best part for Narendra Modi is he created a beautiful situation in which he doesn't need to rule according to the whims and fantasies of the allies

  1. The GDP growth is slowing down quicker.
  2. Inflation should be contained as soon as possible else the projected poor monsoon would for sure affect the crops and hence sore the inflation figures.
  3. Unemployment is on the rise.
  4. Subsidies extended by the Manmohan singh led UPA (or Sonia/Rahul led) government to the citizens is burning the treasuries to null.
  5. Foreign policies have caused bitter relationships with all the regional players and neighboring countries.
  6. Fiscal deficit needs to be contained with quick measures to attract FDI and hence help improve the financial health of the country. This would actually give Narendra Modi stronger hands to implement schemes which he would deem appropriate rather than sitting down idle with tied down hands.
  7. The Budget in the June 2014 should be a clear indicator of the things in pipeline.
  8. Tackle few the regional issues specific to few states.
  9. PAKISTAN: A great pain to tackle.
  10. Illegal immigration: another worry which he needs to approach more diplomatically.
  11. By showing some hard stances in solving the issues which India is facing today Narendra Modi would achieve the industry's confidence and raise his bar in the people's mind who are looking for desperate change in the way things are administered currently.
All the best @narendramodi !

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