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May 19, 2014

Review: Windows or Macintosh or Linux

In todays world of endless OS choice it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a choice for an OS that would actually satisfy all the needs of a user.
I have tried to put together a small round up all the OS currently available and the options available to use these OS's differently so that we can achieve maximum losing nothing.

So lets start with Windows, our dear old OS.

Windows (desktop):

  • Windows has a wide user base and hence you can be rest assured that your OS will be supported for a longer time and you will enjoy premium treatment from Microsoft.
  • Major proportion of desktop software engineers contribute to Windows OS hence the option when it comes to getting done something is relatively much easier in Windows.
  • If you have deployed Windows as primary OS at work (like 75% of the industry does)Training costs are minimal given that the existing work population is already accustomed to the OS and how to work with it.
  • For developers minor tweaks are enough to make their existing software to be compatible with a newer Windows build (until or unless Microsoft decides to flip flop the complete windows OS base).
  • The  market share of the OS is declining making Microsoft lazy about investing in Windows Indigenousness.
  • Microsoft is no more an "innovative" company to see radical/welcome changes in the OS. (the organization has gone into a so called "lack of ideas" region of late).
  • The existing ecosystem is made to shrink due to introduction of more advanced and free of cost other OS available in market.
  • Price tag is a cause of concern for companies as they look at cutting costs (its like a toothpaste once  brand is changes it is set to stay with the family (company) for a long time if the new brand clicks among the family (company)).
  • Not accepted in other form factors apart from Desktop by users.



    • Stable, polished, well supported and pretty much virus/Trojan/worm resistant.
    • Built to last. Can be assured that the quality of the hardware and software are premium for the price tag it comes with.
    • The user interface is easy to use.
    • Integration with other Apple products such as iPod, iPhone etc.
    • Can run Windows as a dual boot due to the chip set similarity (Intel chips) between Windows and Mac.
    • The cost of owning a Mac is too high.
    • Not a gaming friendly OS.
    • One would not find his or her expected application/software in some of the rare industry types (where in at the same time each and every software industry has a software available for windows)
    • OS is not available as a standalone software for manufacturers to integrate into their own hardware.


    • Plethora of Open source applications.
    • Free of cost
    • Literally virus free and safe.
    • Independent of Hardware specifications. The latest version of any Linux flavor would run on any old machine as well.
    • Wide range of OS choices to suit you different needs.
    • OTA updates for up to date OS and softwares.

    • Difficult for a novice user to get used to the normal Linux commands (though of late newer favors are emerging with user centric approach making the OS more friendlier to the user than ever before (e.g. Ubuntu)).
    • Difficult to find drivers to few hardware making the OS take lesser advantage of the Hardware itself.
    • Cross platform apps not available yet that easily for Linux. (e.g. Windows software would not run on Linux).

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