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May 20, 2014

Best Android emulator: Genymotion!

From past several days I have been working to setup a working android environment on Ubuntu. In the search for the same I have found Genymotion which is not only free for personal use but also one of the most robust software to emulate Android in its full glory.

In the quest to find the best android emulator I touched upon the default AVD (android virtual device) provided by Google itself as part of android SDK. But found it to be very slow and painfully stuttering to load each frame to display the changes made on the screen.

Also the default AVD doesn't offer device based emulators/virtual machines (VMs) to test more closer real time environments/android-devices
Genymotion user interface
Genymotion user interface

You would also need to download four time bigger download for AVD (approximately 500 MB) as against genymotion (approximately 120 MB/VM).

Speed and smoothness on Genymotion are unparalleled by any other android emulator available in the market today.

Choosing the type of virtual device is a very streamlined affair on genymotion where in you would find preset devices with setting ideal for a particular device and the user would only need to choose and play (something like plug and play).

In AVD the Google's default emulator the settings are more technical and a novice user would lose his way setting up each and every tiny details to setup a VM.
AVD (Google's Android Virtual Device interface)
AVD (Google's Android Virtual Device interface)

So the verdict is go for Genymotion here. Enjoy yourself. The genymotion android Roms would not come with the gapps support hence download them according to the tutorial here.

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