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June 02, 2014

Bad Headache: Solutions

I am often troubled by very bad headaches: Here are few of the reasons I have found for this and the possible plus known practical solutions I have applied.


Due to hunger: When you do not have food on time your brain doesn't have enough energy to process stuff and leads to pain.

Due to over excitement: Now this is weird but true. When you see/earn/get something which is unexpected and unbelievable huge chemical rush assures pain in some internal parts of brain.

Due to over stress: When you are concentrating on something too much and unable to find a solution and reluctant to give it up leads to headache.

Bad argument/ Dissatisfaction after applied effort: When some thing doesn't go the way you intended it to go. Things would not stay same on the brain factory. Some call this 'Migraine'.


Tea: Have a cup of tea and relax. Go way from whatever you are doing. This would give the brain some breathing space and hence eases headache.

Distract: Go off topic. read some jokes. spend some time speaking to closed ones.

Scrap: Stop everything that is not working and push the restart button for the current situation you are in. Fresh ideas heal older junk in brain making you more diverse than narrower in terms of thinking and ideas.

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