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September 11, 2014

Top Five things to achieve personal success

I know you have gone through the most paining part of life which is the life of a person between the age 18 and 29. Those are the years when an individual learns most tough lessons he can ever learn and there is a reason you learn more during that period. That is because you tend to experiment a lot with things which can potentially alter the course and ultimately the destination of your life.

Keep the following in you mind before concluding and setting priorities:

1. Think: Respect your thoughts and don't act in haze and lead yourself to disaster. As more often than not your mind would for sure give feasible option than a "adventurous decision".

2. "small" things: Do not ignore the smallest of details during those years as a small decision you take can affect you later probably a couple of years later and you would thne think that "I shouldn't have taken that decision then". Better give importance to every small thing that comes your way before making up your mind to do wat-so-ever.

3. Consult: Always consult people whom you feel would think for your good and people who are experts in the field that you are going to make a decision. Never skip this process  for any reason.

4. Listen: Cultivate the habit of listening to even a 4 year old kid as you might find clues to clear your confusion from any source.

5. Forget and forgive: It's time to reach new highs and not dwell on silly things that made you sad for a moment or two. Think broad and have a smile always. It attracts good things towards you even if you do wish to!! :)

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