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June 09, 2015

How important are effective Traffic management

I travel to my work place using public transport everyday. But not many do the same. Today in Bangalore we have more than a lakh new vehicles hitting the road on a daily and more on a weekly basis.

If you take small stroll on your vehicle in some of the residential areas of Bangalore. You can see that each house in rajajinagar, Jayanagar, Vijayanagar, indiranagar and many other localities have at least more than two types of vehicles owned by each of them.

Above snapshot is taken on the Residency Road in Bangalore.

Firstly, they do not have space to park thee own vehicles and park them in front of their housing leading to congestion in the thinner interior roads which are already very narrow.

Secondly, most of these 'High' society residents do not like to do car pooling and hence add to city's traffic issues. 

If all of them were to use public transport it get involved in sharing model like car pooling then the amount of time spent by each person on road would drastically reduce by more than half time of what it's now.

Along with trying to reduce the number of vehicles in the road, I believe there needs to be a conscious effort by the administration and police in upgrading the infrastructure slowly but surely.

Auto management of signals based in intelligent network of signals which can share and according act based on data of nearby traffic.

Widening of existing roads and strengthening of the road itself with good quality Material would go long way in solving the traffic issue. Potholes reduce the speed of the vehicles effectively bringing down the entire stretch to a stand still in a very amount of time.

Well thought out public transport routes would be an ideal situation and makes the environment and mood among the the 'rich' class people to use public transport an attractive option. Of course luxury and availability will pepper the idea and increase the adoption rate at a faster pace.

Well I am reach my office in a moment. Bye guys.

And yes I am in a bus using the public transport system even though it takes longer to reach my workplace!! 😀

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